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Tater Tot Poppers

The jalapeño popper is definitely a game day favorite. But this party staple hasn’t had much in the way of an upgrade in years, so we figured it was time. Our update? Drumroll please…tater tots.

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Raspberry Whiskey Cocktail

When thinking about our favorite warm weather fruits, raspberries immediately come to mind. They’re definitely a favorite berry so we started thinking infusing them into whiskey for a new take on the classic Manhattan cocktail, which uses cherries.
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Speakeasy #2 Cocktail

Tailgating libations weren’t consumed in parking lots during the Prohibition Era. They were consumed in the woods, in back alleys, and in secret bars called speakeasies–all of which were usually very close to where the spirits were actually getting distilled. History has taught us that when there...
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White Wine Sangria

If you’re a fan of white wine sangria, this is the drink for you! It’s colorful, a tad sweet (which will depend mostly on what wine you choose), and awesome served cold. This is the perfect cocktail hour drink to serve up at your backyard BBQ on those sweet spring and summer nights.
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Sidecar Lemonade

The Sidecar is one of the more popular cocktails out there. It has the sophistication of a F1 Supercar, yet it can be served in a Dixie cup with a bunch of crushed ice and a lemon slices. Our version is a bit less high-octane and more lemonade-y or cousin-ish of the whiskey sour, because after a...
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Piña Coladas

Honestly, who doesn’t love a great tiki cocktail? That is, of course, a serious question because there are some people out there who would pass on this beaut. We are certainly not among them. (And we hope you aren’t either). And for the record, nothing pairs better with bacon-wrapped scallops on ...
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R.B.Y.C. Bottled Cocktail

‘Tis the season to break out the preppy shorts, tennis rackets, and sailboats. Why not make a classic cocktail that has a color similar to a tennis ball and is named after a famous yacht club in Bermuda? It really doesn’t get much preppier than that. Ahoy…we give you the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club ...
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Zombie Zamboni

If the body of a Zamboni was taken over by a zombie, this drink would have been its water. Wow that was a mouthful. This drink is sure to bring the zombie out in any sports fan, given the multiple types of high-octane booze that lie beneath its icy, frothy mouth. Enjoy with caution, unless you ar...
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Sex on the Bleachers

Want an super easy bottled cocktail with blatant sexual and football undertones? Look no further than a Sex on the Bleachers. Like the name, it’s easiest to pull off at night. Fast, exhilarating, and satisfying, we enjoy making Sex on the Bleachers in a large batch. The recipe below is for a grou...
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The Sazerac

When we think about football, beer pretty much immediately comes to mind, yes. But we always suggest featuring a cocktail or two at your tailgate or homegate for those non-beer drinkers. This recipe is a classic New Orleans cocktail. Indeed it was the first and is the official cocktail of New Orl...
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The Urlacher

Why did we name this cocktail ‘The Urlacher’? Because it hits you like a linebacker and then rummages through your belongings like a bear. We’re not really sure about the second part, but this drink sure is strong and delicious. At least Paris thought so… Makes 6 cocktails
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The Country Life

We tend to find inspiration…pretty much anywhere…when it comes to drink making. This one comes from Mark Twain’s famous and controversial novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. (Email us at and we’ll tell you why). So without further ado, here we have the Country Life b...
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Refrigerator Perry Mousse

Our favorite mousse needed a great name that describes the powerful hit of flavor you get from each scoop. William “Refrigerator” Perry was the obvious choice because the mousse serendipitously is finished in the fridge, and like William, was a force to be reckoned with. Let this one stand in as ...
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