Here’s what we like.

We like how sports and food bring us together in celebration and rivalry, and we like making sure no one goes hungry or thirsty when they’re at our house on game day.

We like shouting “think fast” across the back patio and tossing you a cold one. We like firing up the grill and showing off or practicing our skills. We like passing a bowl of chips around the couch while we’re trash talking that play your team fumbled. We like throwing a ball around out back, showing up on your porch with our favorite side wearing our favorite team’s colors.

You like that stuff too, right? That’s why we’re all here.

“Oh, our team is gonna mop the floor with yours,
but we’re also going to feed you a righteous game day spread.”

We help you win at game day entertaining.

It doesn’t matter if your game is football or soccer or tennis or hey, figure skating. It doesn’t matter if it’s the farm leagues or the World Cup. What matters is getting your crew together (rivals and friends alike) to hang out, gasp at the perfect goal, replay the winning shot, admire the sound of a bat hitting the ball with that solid thwack…and have a feast that feels like a celebration.

Hungry Fan gathers everything you need to make game day great—all in one place. The best tongs for turning dogs, the coolest ice molds for chilling the hard lemonade, the smartest containers to help your food travel. It’s not just about the gear, though we find you the absolute best, the gear that’s built to last. We’ve also got the recipes—from game day classics like brats and beer to fresh new ideas like bacon-spiked guac—to load your table with favorites that everyone loves.

Hungry Fan is about bringing people together, one game day at a time.

“Magic happens when food and sports come together.”

Meet founder Daina Falk, the original Hungry Fan.

Daina grew up on the field, in the stands, trading high fives with the pros. Game day was her first love. And, did we mention she’s an amazing chef who’s also crazy about good food? She’s happiest where sports and food meet.

“My favorite thing about game day is the fans. They’re the most passionate, loyal, borderline insane, fun people. I’m so proud to be part of this community.”

Check out The Hungry Fan’s Game Day Cookbook—it’s got Daina’s recipes for game day parties and contributions from Olympians and professional athletes like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Andre Agassi, and Boomer Esiason. Roll the video clips to see her hosting Toughest Tailgate on CBS Sports—you’ll meet a woman who takes a game day party as seriously as she takes the NBA finals.

Her endless enthusiasm brings everyone together, whether it’s around the big screen at home, in the parking lot outside the stadium, or picnicking in the stands while watching the kids kick the ball toward the net.

Daina’s got you covered. She knows you’re a Hungry Fan too.

Game on, Hungry Fans. Game ON.

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