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Crawfish and arugula salad

Light and thematic, this is a great southern dish to serve any day of the week, especially if that day happens to be Kentucky Derby day. If you don’t have crawfish, you can substitute lobster or crab and it’ll be just as yummy! (Adapted from Kentucky Derby Food Recipes) Additional note: Kentuckia...
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Chilled Bell Pepper Soup

It’s nearly August. Can you believe it? We may be halfway through summer, but judging by the heat wave outside, it’s not over yet! This weather calls for cold soup. Tonight for dinner I decided to make a light and yummy chilled red bell pepper soup.
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Brazilian Feijoada

Feijoada, which in Portuguese means “beans”, is a stew of beans with pork and often beef. The pig parts traditionally used are usually some of the weirder ones such as salted ears, salted trotters, salted belly, back fat, snouts, faces, and tails. As many of you prefer not to eat these parts, I’v...
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Summer Gazpacho

We love love love soup and let’s face it, 90 degrees+ is just not soup weather. That is, unless you’re making some gazpacho. This is a riff on a recipe we found in Food and Wine. We changed it up a bit and had it for dinner tonight. “Souper” yummy, colorful and filling!
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Low & Slow Chili

Sometimes we like to compare the process of making chili to smoking BBQ. It’s all about not over-fussing with the ingredients and really taking your time. The end result is best served the day after you make it so the flavors have a chance to marinate and meld into themselves. Sit back, let it co...
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Playoff Football Soup

As we get into playoff season the weather gets colder. We have to wear heavier jackets, pack blankets, and eat belly-warming meals like this one. Our Playoff Football Soup is sort of a spin on Italian Wedding Soup…it’s perfect for cold days, as a meaty alternative to minestrone or even chicken no...
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Roasted Tomato Chili

As we head into November and the latter half of football season, things are a-changin’. Most notably: the weather! The chill of late fall is in the air, which means it’s time for hearty, insides-warming soups and chilis. So we're bringing you a spicy, porky and rich chili that’s augmented with on...
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Cowboy Corn Soup

On a hot day, hot soup is about as good an idea as playing goalie without a helmet. Come fall though, recipes like this one are sooooo clutch. Warming, delicious, crunchy, creamy—are all words that come to mind when talking about this potage. The Cowboy Corn Soup a perfect dish to serve or cook i...
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Roast Turkey Cobb Salad

What’s Thanksgiving without leftovers? After spending multiple days cooking my family a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, I usually cannot stand the sight of our leftovers….unless I repurpose them into totally different, yummy meals. Here’s a super easy go-to for that turkey. (And while the recipe may...
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Turkey Salad

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and if you’re anything like us, you chowed down yesterday. The thought of food right now…not so much? Nonetheless, the fridge is full of leftovers and you’ve got to do something with ’em. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Keep it simple: turkey salad. It’s great alone, fo...
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KK’S Turkey Chili

As the weather starts to cool down, the days grow shorter, and tailgating season marches on, eating chili is what makes me happy. It’s like a big bear hug…but from your food. Here’s my recipe, taken from my second mom, KK, for turkey chili. Serves four.
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Leftover Turkey Salad

We did a number on our turkey. I was actually impressed how much my family was able to collectively polish off. Nonetheless, we still had some leftovers–a good balance between white and dark meat. So, per my sister’s request, I whipped up some turkey salad for brunch today. It’s a very, very simp...
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