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Tater Tot Poppers

The jalapeño popper is definitely a game day favorite. But this party staple hasn’t had much in the way of an upgrade in years, so we figured it was time. Our update? Drumroll please…tater tots.

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BBQ Cauliflower Nuggets

Game day has to be vegetarian-friendly too. Not everyone is game to chow down on meat and meat products. So for those of you who like your veggies, I give you a healthy(ish), vegetarian take on barbecue chicken nuggets…except these little guys are made with cauliflower! And for those of you who d...
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Dagwood Sandwich

10001 is this sandwich’s zip code. Yup. It’s big enough to have its own zip code. The Dagwood Sandwich gets its name from the sandwich-loving protagonist of the comic strip, Dagwood. What are the odds, eh? Pretty good considering. This sandwich is stacked with roast beef, turkey, ham, sardines, p...
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Triple-Bite Sliders

Sliders are a great food option when hosting outdoor gatherings. Don’t be deceived by their size. These bite-sized burgers are jam-packed with big taste! They take three bites to get down. The delicious combination of tender beef, crunchy walnuts and ooey-gooey Gorgonzola is sure to be a crowd-pl...
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Turkey Salad

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and if you’re anything like us, you chowed down yesterday. The thought of food right now…not so much? Nonetheless, the fridge is full of leftovers and you’ve got to do something with ’em. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Keep it simple: turkey salad. It’s great alone, fo...
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KK’S Turkey Chili

As the weather starts to cool down, the days grow shorter, and tailgating season marches on, eating chili is what makes me happy. It’s like a big bear hug…but from your food. Here’s my recipe, taken from my second mom, KK, for turkey chili. Serves four.
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The Quickie Cheeseburger

There are a lot of fantastic dishes that have originated in Upstate New York. There’s the Buffalo Wing and the Garbage Plate, for starters. But The Quickie owns a special place in our hearts. Ronnie’s Cedar Inn, a timelessly classic sports bar in Geneva with Genny Cream on tap, serves the Platoni...
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Citi Field® Pastrami Dog

No hot dog blog would be complete without a recipe for your stadium favorite that you can easily make at home! Here’s how to make the Pastrami Dog at Citi Field. It’s a Nathan’s Famous all beef hot dog topped with house-braised pastrami.
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Chicken & Peach Burger

Want to know how to make some of my yummy–and healthy-minded–fangating fare? Here are the recipes!
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Peach & Pork Sliders

Sigh. Summer’s nearly over! While summer doesn’t officially end until Sept. 22nd, for most of us, Labor Day is it as we all return to school and work from our vacations. Thus, Labor Day Weekend is last hurrah–the last major day for a backyard grilling shindig, tailgate or picnic. What better way ...
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Sweet & Sour Chicken

This is one of those super easy semi-homemade recipes. It’s easy because the cooking of the chicken part is done for you, thanks to the good folks at Perdue.  Impress them all with this Asian-inspired, delicious appetizer that’ll make them think you’ve got some serious culinary chops. Eat these p...
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Shepherd’s Pie Quesadillas

What do you get when you cross Irish cuisine with Dallas (home of the Final Four)’s Tex-Mex yummies? Shepherd’s pie quesadillas. That’s what. These treats do require several steps–each of which, I assure you, is easy. And these puppies are worth it because they are miiiighty tasty, let me just say.
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Semi-Homemade Granola Bars

These puppies are easy to make and will last you a few days to a week, depending on your snack schedule. They also make great breakfast as well! Heat ’em up, add a dollop of Greek yogurt and a cup of tea or coffee and you’ve got a great start to your day!
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