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Tater Tot Poppers

The jalapeño popper is definitely a game day favorite. But this party staple hasn’t had much in the way of an upgrade in years, so we figured it was time. Our update? Drumroll please…tater tots.

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Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Here’s one of our tasty treats from today… It’s so easy a kid could make it… In fact, we had help from a very precocious 9-year-old, named Landy, who as you can see is a huge Giants fan. (Sadly the Giants couldn’t pull off a W today). To make this pizza, we grabbed a box of Glutino’s gluten-free ...
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Cilantro Carrot Hummus

Hummus is a traditional Middle Eastern dish known for it’s positive effects on your health. Healthy protein and fats as well as iron and fiber make this an excellent snack to serve on game day, keeping you in shape to cheer your face off for the duration of the whole day.
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Spicy Shakshuka

Shakshuka is one of those dishes that you never seem to get around to making, but if and when you do, it 100% gets added into the weekly rotation. Kinda like “Stickum” in the Jerry Rice Era, you don’t leave home without it. We like to think of this dish not only a hearty, inside-warming breakfast...
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Peach Rhubarb Sauce

We featured this sauce in our July 4th BBQ spareribs recipe but we had to single it out because it’s just so damn delicious. Capturing the flavors of summer with a nice kick of habanero pepper, this sauce is tasty not only for ribs but atop just about any protein! Heck even tofu for you vegetaria...
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Bacon Pimento Dip

This is one of my many homages to the Carolinas, where I have spent a good chunk of my life. It’s pretty hard to travel through North or South Carolina without finding a good pimento cheese dip. This is my spin on the classic, kicked up a couple notches because that’s how you do for the Super Bowl!
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12th Man Layer Dip

I created a special 12-layer dip for the 12th Man. It’s a lot of ingredients, but it is, after all, 12 layers. Nonetheless, with their powers combined, those layers make one heck of a tasty dip. Seafood-rich, it’s got the all the flavors of the Emerald City.
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Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

We love buffalo chicken and we love quesadillas! So why not combine ’em and make yummy buffalo chicken quesadillas? We’re whipping up these for some awesome coffee table picnicking while watching college basketball. Here’s our recipe so you can enjoy them too! Products We’re Using For This Recipe...
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Pulled Pork Potato Skins

Looking for something delicious and different for your tailgate menu? Look no further! We teamed up with Smithfield to bring you Sweet & Smoky Pulled Pork Potato Skins! Here are 2 Tailgating Hacks: Smithfield’s Sweet & Smoky Marinated Fresh Pork Roast comes pre-marinated in a deliciou...
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Spiced Popcorn

This is such a great snack for any occasion. It’s easy to make, can be made ahead of time, and popcorn is a blank canvas for any flavor. Our favorites are, of course, our Hungry Fan Barbecue, Pumpkin Spice and Pizza seasonings, but we also have a sweet spot for Ranch. The technique is simple and ...
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Crispy Rice Sushi Sliders

I’m a HUGE fan of crispy rice spicy tuna so I got thinking: why can’t we use crispy rice to make slider buns!? You can! I won’t lie to you, this recipe is medium-to-advanced level here, but only because a certain amount of care is needed with rice. It’s sticky & tricky. But it’s totally worth...
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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Shish Kebabs

If you’re just looking for something tasty to munch on, I’ve got something good in mind. Whether it’s hot out or cold out, sunny or raining–hopefully you have an awning if it’s raining–it’s never a bad idea to get grilling. Plus, wrapping anything in bacon is just plain awesome.
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Sunday BBQ Sauce

Say what you will about Saturday, but Sunday is when the pros play football and the other pros tailgate. So often, Sundays become so jam-packed with football (or race day) festivities what we’ve found a real need for quickie barbecue sauce (that’s also intensely flavorful, of course) for our burg...
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