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Big news! We’ve partnered with Home Bistro, the premier brand for ready-made, celebrity chef-inspired meals. We’ve jazzed up some of our favorite game day recipes and concession stand fare to level up your weekly meal plan rotation. All you have to do is heat ‘em and eat ‘em. (You’re welcome.)

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File This One Under “All the Feels”

via Hershey Bears Twitter Usually it's the chocolate in Hershey that melts. This year it's our hearts. It's an annual tradition for Hershey Bears (the farm team of the Washington Capitals) and their fans. And it's a good one. During a particular holiday season game, fans shower the ice with teddy...
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Super Bowl Food By The Numbers

Photo by Food Republic On Super Bowl Sunday, we were all unofficial competitors in the largest eating contest ever. If American employers didn't see an all-time rate of folks calling out sick from work on Monday, February 4th, it's not because we weren't trying. (Incidentally, we ran a poll on bo...
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The Fyre Festival of #TailgateFails

As the anticlimactic events of last night's Super Bowl LIII bring to an end the 99th year of NFL Football, it seemed the appropriate time to look back upon the season as a whole—the highs, the lows… But mostly, what most caught our eye was…the #epicfails of tailgating we saw this year. We toyed ...
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10 Unique NFL Stadium Eats

THE ELASTIC WAISTBAND SWEATPANTS EDITION OF 'WHERE ARE THEY NOW?' With the NFL season coming to a close, we thought we'd celebrate one of our favorite parts of game day at the stadium: the game day eats! In our book, there is only one way to win at stadium food: as a concession stand, you've got ...
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The Superfan Hall of Fame

Winning is Life. You'd Better Bring Your A-Game. In a game of checkers, would you show your opponent mercy? What about if that opponent happened to be your grandmother? No? Neither would we. Why? Because like you, we're competitive. And the one thing we've found consistent among some of the best ...
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White House Dinner, Hungry Fan® Style

Photo by And make it nice this time. Whether or not the newly crowned champions of the NFL decide to make their ceremonial White House visit, we would like a preemptive chance to upscale the spread just a bit… Call it a preventative measure on behalf of the nation to bypass wha...
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Wittiest Game Day Signs

There is no better pairing than good-spirited trash talk and sports. During any given baseball, football or basketball game, the actual competitions happening at any given moment go well beyond the field of play. Indeed, the fiercest of battles are waged between the fans—and those happen to be ou...
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A Guide to National Tailgating Day

National Tailgating Day = Life National Tailgating Day 2018—The first Saturday in September is National Tailgating Day. For Hungry Fans everywhere, National Tailgating Day is one of the most important days on the calendar. It's right up there with birthdays, anniversaries and national holidays—an...
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Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

We're curating for you a tasty collection of game day dishes that should also have a place in your Thanksgiving rotation. This blog should be credited to one of our core Hungry Fans on Instagram. He asked us for some Thanksgiving recipes. And since we really try to stay on-brand with game day-onl...
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We’re Crushing National Deviled Egg Day

Image source: Personal Creations November 2nd is National Deviled Egg Day. And Deviled Eggs happen to be a game day fav. DID YOU KNOW THERE'S MORE THAN ONE WAY TO MAKE DELICIOUS DEVILED EGGS? WOW YOUR GAME DAY CREW WITH SOME OF THESE TASTY RECIPES. Let's be honest….deviled eggs are deeeeee-liciou...
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Keeping Game Day Tasty For Your Gluten-Sensitive Guests

Yes, game day can be super tasty and gluten-free, all at the same time. It may take some extra planning, but it's definitely achievable. Here's how. About 10 years ago, having done some research on the effects of wheat and wheat products on the human body, I made the conscious decision to go glut...
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A Healthier Pumpkin Spice Latte

Image source: Boost Media Whether it's game day or a work day, a good number of us have a tough time starting the day without a daily dose of caffeine. At this time of year, for many of us, that cup o' joe could very well be a PSL. But did you know you can make your own pumpkin-spiced coffee at h...
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