Have Your Tried Our 3-in-1 Thermal Bag Yet?


Years ago, we went to one of those super expert tailgates—the kind where you'll find a live band, enough food to feed like 12 hungry football teams, 72-inch TVs (yes, plural), professional speakers, coffee makers, grills, fryers, stove tops, full bars out of a bar-themed trailer…and the list goes on. They wanted for nothing. It was, needless to say, impressive.

But it got us thinking. How many tailgaters go all out like this every weekend? How many tailgaters even own generators? You can't power anything in the pregame parking lot without a generator for fear of depleting your car's or truck's battery. So without power, we wondered just how do you serve hot food at your tailgate? (Other than what's come off the gas grill, that is).

So we came up with a product to help you serve hot food on game day. And then after we professionally tested it, we realized it did other helpful, game day-friendly things really well too! It's our Hungry Fan® 3-in-1 Fangating™ Bag and it's great for game day—but it's also fantastic for camping, potlucks and even for making space on your stovetop or in your oven when you're cooking, say, a large holiday meal!

Here's how it works:

Simplify Your Game Day Prep

So, just to recap, there are so many uses for our thermal bag!

  • Try it as a slow cooking tool for that last-minute cooking during the ride to the stadium! You can easily start the slow cooking process at home and let the bag finish the last bit.
    • That meat's got to be fall-off-the-bone, right? It just needs a little more slow cooking time…
    • Need to free up some stovetop or oven space while preparing a meal? Simply throw your covered pot in the bag and it'll continue to cook while you use your oven or range for another dish!
  • Use it as a thermal bag to keep food hot for hours!
    • Same situation: You're cooking a big meal and need more stovetop or oven space, but this time your dish is already done. You just need to keep it hot while you cook another recipe so all your dishes are hot when it's time to sit down to eat. No problem. Throw the finished dish our bag and keep cooking! Remove when it's time to serve!
    • Those burgers hot off the grill that don't currently have any takers? Throw the patties in some Tupperware and store them in the bag. They'll be nice and hot when it's time to chow down!
    • Head to that potluck with your dish and it'll be as piping hot when it's time to serve as it was when you left home!
  • Use our bag as a cooler to keep food and drinks cold, as you would the more traditional cooler you're familiar with!
    • Simply remember to line your thermal bag with plastic to keep your bag in better shape.

No matter what you use it for, we think you'll find our 3-in-1 Thermal Bag is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of all.

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