Our lives are full of juggling, planning and sometimes just getting stuff done. Especially on game day. We find the HyperChiller to be a convenient game day tool. In fact, beyond game day, it’s pretty great for anytime you would like to drink a cold beverage but don’t have one chilling in the fridge (or freezer) or should you need to quickly chill something that’s hot. And we find that this product does this fairly simply. You merely leave the HyperChiller in your cooler or freezer until you’re ready to use it. And then you could, say, place that hot coffee in it and it will ice the coffee in 60 seconds flat. (Lickety split…no sh%t). Just think of how cold it could get your already cold beer! (Have you seen our recipe for beer sno cones?) What about vodka? Oh, yes please.


  • The new and improved version of the product currently on sale chills faster than previous models and can handle chilling more than one drink before you need to refreeze it.
  • Chills hot beverages by up to 130+ degrees F in 60 seconds without dilution.


  • It, of course, has a limited number of uses (at least 2) before you must allocate time to refreeze it. If you’re in the parking lot tailgating on game day, this could be more trouble than it’s worth if you’re attempting to use this product as a makeshift freezer of sorts.
  • If, for example, if you’re looking to use this product to make iced coffee, you would need to make really strong coffee. This is simply because you will still add ice cubes for presentation/serving, which will water down the coffee. It’s not a major con—and it’s certainly quite specific—but it seemed pertinent for the super coffee drinkers.
  • If you fill the beverage above the freezing line, its efficiency drops. No bueno. (That being said, for 4 Patron XO Cafe shots, it’s more than amazing).

Grab it now on Amazon now for about $30.

If you like what you experience with this product, send us some shots and your thoughts for a chance to be one of our Featured Fans. (Use #HungryFan).

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