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Big news! We’ve partnered with Home Bistro, the premier brand for ready-made, celebrity chef-inspired meals. We’ve jazzed up some of our favorite game day recipes and concession stand fare to level up your weekly meal plan rotation. All you have to do is heat ‘em and eat ‘em. (You’re welcome.)

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Game Day Foods to Improve Your Mood

Image source: Shari's Berries On game day, the easiest thing to make us happy is our team getting a W. But we can't all be undefeated…Turns out we can also eat certain things on game day to give us a similar happy buzz, even in the shadow of defeat. If you're a guy, please excuse what we're about...
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Food for Sleep

EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY. AND SLEEP WELL TOO. That thing when you stay up super late watching the game or the match, knowing full-well that you've got to get up early for work the next day but you do it anyway because it's your team, it's your favorite player or it's a big game or match. Yeah, we ...
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October is National Pizza Month

Is it fair to say that disliking pizza is sacrilegious? We think so, especially when we do pizza so well here in the U.S. To quote Montell Jordan, this is how we do it: Are you a deep dish kinda pizza fan? Do you prefer New York-style? Or are you more of a thick crust, nonna/Detroit-style? Oh my...
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Flavor & Spice: Peppers on Game Day

They come in mild varieties or they'll give you a good kick in the pants. We're running down some of the best of the best peppers for Game Day. When it comes to cooking a delicious dish, it's not just plating and presentation, it's texture and flavor too. So many of our favorite game day dishes i...
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#TastyTidbits: Chicken

September is National Chicken Month here in the US and we are celebrating with some #TastyTidbits about one of our favorite game day proteins. Buffalo wings happen to be one of our absolute, hands-down favorites on game day. The messier, the better. And it turns out, we here at Hungry Fan® are no...
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The BBQ Toolbox

BBQ TOOLBOX BY SUCK UK. The BBQ Toolbox by Suck UK looks and feels like a classic metal toolbox, but it's so much more. It folds up with a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation to the park or beach. Unfolds to reveal a warming rack and storage tray for your extra hot chilli sauce. A ...
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A Guide to NFL Game Day in London

This October, the NFL will be playing three games in England as part of its NFL London series. All three games will take place at the famed Wembley Stadium, so we're here to get you ready for a jolly good game day. Wembley Stadium has played host to NFL games abroad since 2007. And it's one heck ...
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Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce

NO2 FOR YOUR BLOODY MARY The best utility sauce in our book is Worcestershire. From steaks to burgers to Bloody Marys, it has the reach of a Manute Bol with the punch of a Lomanchenko. POW!!! This one, however, adds a new level of depth given the fact that it is aged in bourbon barrels. How is th...
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Grilling, Grill Tips & Recipes for the Grill

Everything you could possibly need to grill year-round… The sun is setting just a little earlier each day, pumpkin-spiced everything is appearing in the stores, and fall clothing has begun to dominate magazine covers. As summer slowly transforms to autumn, it's time to think about infusing health...
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Could You Follow a Premier League Player’s Diet?

What you eat can and will affect your performance on the soccer pitch. The English Premier League (EPL) is considered one of the most physically and psychologically demanding soccer leagues in the world. Players have to be lean and athletic. To be in top shape, players must be fueled and rested p...
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2 Pro Tips for Cold Weather Tailgating

It may be cold. It may be snowy. Heck, it may be icy. But that doesn't stop the best of us from tailgating. (And we love you winter tailgaters for that)! But when it comes to winter weather tailgating, there are extra considerations that generally relate to the arctic temps and the wind. Here are...
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How to Fix Cooking & Baking Mistakes

Did that salt look a whole heck of a lot like sugar? Yeah, we know. we've all done it. Here's how to solve some of the most frequent "oops" moments in the kitchen. We got together with our friends at Shari's Berries and realized that so many of us–expert of not–sometimes screw up in the kitchen. ...
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