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The Best Air Fryer for Your Needs

We have a pretty strict policy here at Hungry Fan to only promote products we like, use, believe in, or all of the above. And if you’ve ever spoken about kitchen gadgets with our founder, Daina Falk, then you know just how much she loves air fryers.

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Get the proper gear

Sear it, sizzle it, smother it in sauce. Show your grill who’s boss. 

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Top Ten Tailgating Sandwiches

The Humble Sandwich. A Perfect Game Day Food. Tailgating is something of an art form. The food you make has to be enjoyed by all. But at the same time, you've got to have a personal style and touch to set your game day celebration apart from everyone else's. So as we head into bowl season and pla...
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2 Pro Tips for Cold Weather Tailgating

It may be cold. It may be snowy. Heck, it may be icy. But that doesn't stop the best of us from tailgating. (And we love you winter tailgaters for that)! But when it comes to winter weather tailgating, there are extra considerations that generally relate to the arctic temps and the wind. Here are...
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How to Fix Cooking & Baking Mistakes

Did that salt look a whole heck of a lot like sugar? Yeah, we know. we've all done it. Here's how to solve some of the most frequent "oops" moments in the kitchen. We got together with our friends at Shari's Berries and realized that so many of us–expert of not–sometimes screw up in the kitchen. ...
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9 Ways to Top a Hot Dog

Whether you're hosting a summer cookout or tailgating at the ballpark, hot dogs are a go-to. If you're looking for ways to upgrade your dogs, read this. It's a summertime staple, a must-have for tailgates and grilling outdoors in general. The hot dog has been around for over a century, but foodie...
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The Field #8 Cast Iron Skillet

MAKE AMERICA SEAR PERFECTLY AGAIN It's the Cadillac of Cast Iron for your tailgating tool collection. The Field #8 is made in the USA. It marries the techniques of the best Griswold & Lodge cookware manufacturers of yester-year and forges with the latest cast iron technology. The Field #8 Cas...
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Inflame Fire Starters

I'm a Firestarter, Twisted Firestarter This is has always been a staple in our Hungry Fan (R) tailgating bag of tricks. We love cooking over charcoal, and Inflame makes the best fire starters. Burned fingertips, swearing and shame usually follow the many attempts to light your grill with a book o...
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Chimney of Insanity

CHIMNEY OF INSANITY CHARCOAL STARTER If we had a dragon, it would light our charcoal grill EVERY TIME. Unfortunately, we don't have a dragon, so we found the next best thing: The Chimney of Insanity Charcoal Starter by BBQ Dragon. Aside from the amazing name of this charcoal starter, it works the...
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The Po’ Man Charcoal Grill

TAILGATE LIKE A FANCY HOBO For those of you who admire an excessive end zone dance but dislike highfalutin yuppie grills, then this puppy is for you. The Original Po' Man Charcoal Grill is built to look EXACTLY like a trash can, but it cooks & smokes like an upright grill. Place your hot coal...
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The Velocity Grill

BLAZING HOT PORTABLE TAILGATING GRILL! The Velocity Grill is a versatile little thing that PACKS-SOME-HEAT. 5 minutes after turning it on, it can get up to 1,000 degrees F (I.e. you can cook your steaks exactly like your favorite steakhouse does). If you're looking for an unfair advantage over th...
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Cuisinart Venture Portable Gas Grill

INTRODUCING THE CUISINART VENTURE PORTABLE GAS GRILL Cute is not a word we find ourselves using the truck-bed often, but what else can you call this little guy?! Don't be fooled by it's diminutive size, the new portable gas grill from Cuisinart packs a punch. The 154 square inch surface is fired ...
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History at the US Open

A Look at the Storied Traditions of Shinnecock Hills June 14th kicks off this year's U.S. Open, which returns to Southhampton, New York's gorgeous Shinnecock Hills golf course. Incidentally, and as per usual, the U.S. Open coincides with Father's Day. But that's not what interests us so much. Rat...
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How To Make a Proper Mint Julep

Straight from the Official Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Folks Themselves Each year, almost 120,000 Mint Juleps are served over the two-day period of Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby weekend at Churchill Downs Racetrack. That's a feat that requires more than 10,000 bottles of Old Forester Mint Julep ...
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