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Must-Have Gear for a Day Out on the Boat

There's nothing worse than going through the process of putting your boat into the water only to realize you forgot some of your boat day essentials. Well, thankfully, we've got you covered. We've thought of everything you need to make sure your day out on the water is as fun and stress-free as p...
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13 Pro Grilling Tips for Backyard Badasses

Everyone loves tips and tricks, but sometimes, you just need to know the essentials. Hate "puffy" burgers? Tired of overcooked chicken? How long should you marinate that meat anyway? Whether you're a veteran grillmaster or a first-timer in the backyard, this list has got you covered. 1. Avoid ...
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Our Guide to National Tailgating Day

With the kickoff of football season comes a special holiday for us Hungry Fans: National Tailgating Day. Since 2016, this fan-friendly holiday has taken place annually on the first Saturday of September. (OK, so it's a fairly new "holiday," per se, but a time-honored tradition has to start somewh...
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Silicone Baking Cups

THE BAG OF TRICKS FOR BAKING DOMINANCE Using silicone in baking is like the hook and ladder play used at the perfect time to win the game (Sorry Pats fans). It is a revelation in baking that allows you to finally throw out those cheap paper liners that rip, leak, and burn. New York Baking Co sili...
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Big Deal by Great Jones

GETTING A BIG DEAL DOESN’T HAVE TO COST MORE. We’re at the point in our lives where a step up from Ikea sounds like a good idea. When it comes to enameled cookware, the jump can be pretty costly though—these puppies go for $400 or more. That’s a bit pricey for boiling pasta, right? (Yes, we know ...
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Anysharp Pro

DON’T BE DULL… A commonly overlooked but essential habit of every safe kitchen (or tailgate for that matter—the parking lot kitchen) is to sharpen your knives. A dull knife not only makes you work harder but it’s actually dangerous to use, especially if you’ve had a few game day beers. There are ...
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Gladiators Guild Cleaver

THE GLADIATOR OF CLEAVERS When we buy a cleaver for game day butchering, we want it to (easily) be able to break down the whole hog—and (just as important) make us look like a pro while we do it. For that, you’ll need a heavy cleaver that can hold a sharp edge. This Gladiator Cleaver meets our ne...
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Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

AN EGGCELLENT EGG COOKER Here’s one for all of us that LOOOOOVVVEEEE deviled eggs but loath the process. But because all of the new fangled technology out there, making hard boiled eggs is not hard..errrr…should we say difficult?…as it used to be. We tried three different egg cookers on Amazon an...
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Smoke & Soak Grilling Box

SOAK ‘EM AND SMOKE ‘EM In the stadium parking lots across the country, there is one thing our old trusty portable gas grills consistently miss on game day; the smoky flavors that permeate your steaks and burgers from a wood or charcoal grill. This Cuisinart® smoker boxes give you the best of both...
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Himalayan Salt Block Plate

YOU HAVE THE GRILL, WE HAVE THE CURE. Salt brings out the flavors in food, so the geniuses that came up with this cooking method allowed us to grill with it. Be the star of your next serious tailgating or homegating session. It has hot and cold applications just like our Fangating Bag—it’s just a...
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