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Tater Tot Poppers

The jalapeño popper is definitely a game day favorite. But this party staple hasn’t had much in the way of an upgrade in years, so we figured it was time. Our update? Drumroll please…tater tots.

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“Healthy” Philly Cheesesteak

Who doesn’t love a good cheesesteak sandwich? They’re flat out the yummiest thing since chocolate. That said, they can get up their in caloric value. Let’s take that down a bit and up the ante on the quality of the ingredients. Now you’re cookin’!
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Baked Buffalo Wings

When we first set out to make buffalo wings back in the day, we felt that the best place to search for a recipe was in Buffalo, New York. It seemed a no-brainer. We found a great recipe from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo and sort of adjusted the recipe to our tastes and found small ways to make the w...
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Meatball Sliders

Here’s one of the recipes I’m showcasing this Super Bowl Season (and what I am happily munching on right now)! It’s actually a healthier version of what you’d usually find, mostly because the meatballs are made with grass-fed beef and are baked, but they also don’t have breadcrumbs in them.
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Kentucky Hot Browns

One of the things we love most when cooking up yummy race day food is to theme our food to where the event is taking place or the team playing. So when the Kentucky Derby rolls around each May, you know we are cooking up Kentucky-inspired eats (as we sip on our Mint Juleps and our Oaks Lillies). ...
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Gyro-Style Drumsticks

Spicing up your drumsticks for your taste buds’ pleasure…And who needs the hassle of flying to Greece when you could scoop up one of these puppies? Or a few if you’re anything like us. This recipe captures the flavor of the quintessential Greek gyro but on a drumstick. No forks or knives needed; ...
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Pigskin Wings

We are really proud of this Pigskin Wings recipe because it showcases all of our talents here at Hungry Fan. First and foremost, our culinary genius — bacon wrapped wings, need we say more?
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The Hungry Farmer

Summer is the best time of year to make the most of our veggies. Nationwide, summer is when many of our favorite vegetables are in the peak of season—meaning they’re extra tasty. This recipe makes use of delectable portobello mushrooms at their peak and has the ability to please the tastebuds of ...
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First-Down Meatballs

Meatballs are a typical finger food found at most parties and we have created a delicious recipe for ’em that are sure to please! These meatballs pair well with our Blitz sauce (recipe to come) or go crazy with a curry sauce. Either way, these little spheres of meaty goodness are packed with prot...
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Hot Italian Beef

Inspired by Fenway’s Yawkey Way and Right Field Concourse’s favorite menu item. Just try and not eat the whole thing. The beef au jus is the key. This recipe makes enough for eight people.
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Final Four Flatbreads

Part of the excitement of March Madness is hosting watch parties and all month, we’ve been offering up tasty March Madness-inspired recipes for throwing one hell of a party. As we close out this month and cruise into the Final Four, we’re offering up some fancier takes on game day eats and some k...
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Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Sometimes game day starts early. And that means breakfast. If you know anything about us at Hungry Fan®, you’ll know that are BIG fans of bacon. We basically will find almost any way to work it into a recipe. So we took of our favorite breakfast foods–bacon and cinnamon rolls–and we combined ’em!...
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Loaded Cornbread

I set up a camera in my kitchen and put together a quick, easy-to-follow video of how to make my super yummy and highly addictive Bacon Cheddar Jalapeño Cornbread. Some quick notes: Use the instructions on the back of the Jiffy carton to help you. And in lieu of milk, use a can of sweet corn with...
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