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Buffalo-Ranch Broccoli

You know how buffalo chicken wings/tenders/etc. are always served with ranch and veggies for dipping? Yeah, this isn’t that. It’s that flipped! Instead we’re now featuring the veggies with ranch and buffalo sauce for dipping! This may not only be the perfect (healthy-ish) snack for your Final Fou...
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Picnic Tray BLTs

Packing the kids’ lunch is a lot like planning a tailgate. The goal is to make the perfect amount of delicious food that also travels well to your destination. (#Fail = those soggy tuna sandwiches your mom used to make). The keys to doing this successfully is spacing, salting, cutting and par-coo...
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Mini Chicken ‘n Waffles

In celebration of March Madness, which will ultimately be playing out in Atlanta, Georgia this April, I’m offering up a fun and easy semi-homemade recipe for mini chicken & waffles! Call ’em chicken & waffle sliders! They’re tasty and if you make ’em my way, just a liiiiiiittle healthier ...
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Mean Green Mussels

These mussels disappear faster than Barry Bonds after retirement. We’re not sure why mussels haven’t become a tailgating staple yet—especially considering how they are so inexpensive, so easy and quick to make and how they’re so downright delicious. This recipe for these bite-sized morsels is a o...
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Cookout Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs always seem to go over soooowell. Anywhere. Anytime. With just about everyone. We teamed up with Personal Creations to bring you a step-by-step of how to make these creamy, delectable treats! Follow these eight easy steps, complete with photos, and you’re sure to impress anyone at yo...
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Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Here’s one of our tasty treats from today… It’s so easy a kid could make it… In fact, we had help from a very precocious 9-year-old, named Landy, who as you can see is a huge Giants fan. (Sadly the Giants couldn’t pull off a W today). To make this pizza, we grabbed a box of Glutino’s gluten-free ...
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Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

We love buffalo chicken and we love quesadillas! So why not combine ’em and make yummy buffalo chicken quesadillas? We’re whipping up these for some awesome coffee table picnicking while watching college basketball. Here’s our recipe so you can enjoy them too! Products We’re Using For This Recipe...
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Spiced Popcorn

This is such a great snack for any occasion. It’s easy to make, can be made ahead of time, and popcorn is a blank canvas for any flavor. Our favorites are, of course, our Hungry Fan Barbecue, Pumpkin Spice and Pizza seasonings, but we also have a sweet spot for Ranch. The technique is simple and ...
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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Shish Kebabs

If you’re just looking for something tasty to munch on, I’ve got something good in mind. Whether it’s hot out or cold out, sunny or raining–hopefully you have an awning if it’s raining–it’s never a bad idea to get grilling. Plus, wrapping anything in bacon is just plain awesome.
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Hungry Fan Loaded Chicken Nachos

While these aren’t traditional (more Mexican-style) nachos, they’re rib-sticking, mouthwatering fun for your tastebuds. Good for your game day celebration, your Cinco de Mayo celebration, or even just a Tuesday, this dish is celebration on a platter.
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Mediterranean Nachos

Look, nachos are delicious. But sometimes your basic all-cheese or hearty fully-loaded nachos get boring. Sour cream and guac and carne asada are great, but we wouldn’t mind mixing things up every once in a while. Enter Mediterranean nachos. This tasty take on the cheesy Mexican/Mexican-American/...
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Healthy Guacamole

The guac is always in season! The creamy dip goes great with tortilla chips, bread, as a spread for burritos, and an excellent “glue” for burgers. This is an excellent choice for those lactose-intolerant guests. Guacamole is one of the easiest things to make and one of the healthiest items at a t...
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