We've partnered with Smithfield to bring you a chance to win up to $5,000!


It's hard to hide our love for pork here at Hungry Fan. One brief scan of our recipes uncovers no shortage of bacon, pulled pork, BBQ pork and other pork recipes. So it's a great thing then that we've teamed up once again with our longtime friends at Smithfield to bring you some porkporn (recipe included!) and an opportunity to fatten your wallet. Now through April 26th, you can qualify to be one of 20 finalists who will win $100 gift cards. Ooooorrrr….you could just in fact become the grand prize winner, who gets to take home a whopping $5,000. (Do you know how much bacon you could buy with that!)?!?!

We thought you'd never ask…

  1. Come up with a delicious and original recipe utilizing Smithfield's Marinated Fresh Pork.
  2. Head to Smithfield.com/ShakeItUp, register and submit a photo of your original dish along with a brief description on how you shake up your go-to recipes with Smithfield Fresh Pork instead of beef or chicken.
  3. Chillax until April 26th, when Smithfield will choose their 20 finalists and 1 grand prize winner!

*For contest rules and more great recipe ideas to help reimagine mealtime, head here.

Ok, so we aren't eligible to win. Don't cry for us though. Smithfield keeps our Hungry Fan fridge full of tasty Marinated Fresh Pork. (It feels like there's a juicy pork barrel political pun or joke in here. Feel free to email us your quippy ideas at hello@hungryfan.com).

So even though $5k isn't in the cards for us, we thought we'd hop on the recipe bandwagon and come up with something for the Shake It Up Contest. Consider it moral support for your entry. You're welcome.

Sweet Potato and Carnitas Breakfast Nachos

Sweet Potato and Carnitas Breakfast Nachos

Set it and forget it, amigos. That's the beauty of slow cooking. This recipe is a breeze because the biggest chunk of the work will be done for you. Thanks, Crock-Pot. And thanks to Smithfield too—the pork is already pre-seasoned! The rest of this dish comes to together in about 20 minutes.

For our contribution to the Shake It Up Contest, we lusciously slow cooked our carnitas for 8 hours—and by that we mean we put the carnitas in the Crock-Pot with 1/2 a cup of water, set it, and went to bed. And then while we were asleep and dreaming of pork (because the aroma from the Crock-Pot was wafting into our nostrils), we came up with a riff on a breakfast hash, which is normally served with corned beef.

BTW, and no offense to corned beef, but carnitas win 10 out of 10 times in our book.

We then took some really simple ingredients, which you can find at any grocery store, and pulled together this delicious breakfast, which we proceeded to eat for breakfast and again later for dinner because when you're a grown up, breakfast food makes for perfectly viable dinner food.

P.S. Shout-out to the neighbors, who sent inquisitive texts regarding the incredible smell coming from the Hungry Fan Kitchen.


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