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Tater Tot Poppers

The jalapeño popper is definitely a game day favorite. But this party staple hasn’t had much in the way of an upgrade in years, so we figured it was time. Our update? Drumroll please…tater tots.

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Braised Lamb Shanks

OK…so yes, this is way fancier than your average game day food. I will give you that. I just got such a craving for lamb shanks one night and had to make them so I came up with this recipe on the first try. (Sometimes recipe testing necessitates making a dish more than once to get it right). In t...
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Birming “Ham”

This “Magic City” ham is like an American riff on your favorite sweet & sour pork dish from the local Chinese Restaurant. Being made of 8 pounds of meat, along with the fact that it’s fairly easy to make, affords this crimson colored treat a place at the tailgating table today, and for years ...
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BBQ Twice-Baked Potatoes

What’s the secret to grilling the best twice-baked potatoes? The answer: tons of cheese, BBQ spice and a big ‘ol grill. This recipe is perfect for making ahead of your tailgate and then easily reheating. Straight-up Belichick strategy on this one.
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Cincinnati Chili

Cincinnati is known for its chili and it’s a meaty one at that. Cincinnati Chili–or Skyline Chili as it’s also known–usually combines sweet and fairly hot spices and is served atop a bed of spaghetti. The chili is then topped with cheese, beans, onions, or all of the above. All of the above is al...
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Chicken à la Coke

Chicken à la King is a dish that our grandmothers used to make and every family member loved it. Chicken à la Coke is a dish we make for our fellow tailgaters and the Hungry Fans love it. Made with only the finest Coca-Cola from the local supermarket, Chicken à al Coke can fuel a crowd and quench...
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Pumpkin Spice Hash

One of our favorite things in the whole wide world is when tailgaters, for earlier games, serve both breakfast and lunch. It’s so much fun to get there super early, brew up some high-test coffee and enjoy breakfast before we break out the wings, burgers, beer and other more traditional fangating ...
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Watermelon Granita

I’ve been to the grocery store pretty much everyday for the last several days and am pleased to report there are still beautiful, juicy watermelons for sale!  Run, don’t walk to your nearest grocery store and pick one up because this recipe’s so easy. Serve this up as you watch football at home t...
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Grilled Mesquite Pork Loin Bowl with Smoky Chipotle Corn

Spring and summertime means it’s time to get outdoors (finally!) and get grilling! It means celebrating the colorful and flavorful foods of summer such as corn, peppers, and tasty, smoky-flavored (think BBQ) proteins. In the spirit of this, we teamed up with our friends at Smithfield to bring you...
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Oregon Duck Jambalaya

In the beautiful Pacific Northwest state of Oregon, there is a bitter rivalry that is fought in the last regular season game of the college football season. If we always chose the front runner, we might be making this stew with beaver. But we’re not a front runner kinda person, we go for the unde...
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Pumpkin Spice Pie

Here at Hungry Fan, we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving and nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie. Thankfully we’re somewhat of an expert (if we don’t say so ourselves) at all things pumpkin. So rather than buying pumpkin pie for your Thanksgiving meal, we offer you this super easy-to-make Pum...
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Pumpkin Spice Cookie Bars

When you have a really exhausting day, all you want to do is relax, turn on your sport of choice, and enjoy an indulgent treat. That’s exactly how our founder, Daina, felt one Tuesday after a monstrous Monday. After scouring the kitchen for her favorite sweet and salty ingredients, she decided t...
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Peanut & Pumpkin Bread

Fall is coming…and with it comes pumpkin spice! Rejoice! Sooner than later, we hope you all can join us in enjoying pumpkin spice year round. But ’til then we can equate the coming of pumpkin spice with the simultaneous coming of football. One of our favorite things to do for a 1 pm (ish) game is...
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