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Sweet Endings

Brownie Footballs

I came up with this recipe during hurricane Jonas in preparation for the Big Game a few years back. I wanted sweet but not too sweet, because salty always seems to win the day on Sunday. You can always form your dough into round balls or make them in a brownie pan for proper square or rectangular...
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Lemon Curd Cups

We always find after eating something salty, it’s always great to finish out the meal with something sweet. (And a lot of game day food do fall on the salty side). These lemony sweet treats are sure to please! And because they’re small, you won’t have to feel too too guilty eating them. They’re m...
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Bourbon Pumpkin Cupcakes

Happy Birthday, America! This recipe title…Good lord, it’s a mouthful. How does it work again—placing commas between adjectives when there are several to describe one thing? In this case, the thing is cupcakes. The adjectives are bourbon, maple and pumpkin-spiced. These cupcakes are ridiculous an...
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Peach Bulldog Sorbet

Should find yourself in bored during a weekend in Athens, Georgia, home of the Georgia Bulldogs, you simply aren’t trying hard enough. College football, tailgating, or just hangin’ on the porch making sorbet, it’s all so sweet. Georgia is a peach and this sorbet is made outta them. Our idea of a ...
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Pumpkin Spice S’Mores

Yesterday was super fun. For those of you outside the tri-state area, ABC 7 New York had me back for another fun cooking demo! It’s always great to see the ABC crew. They’re such great people and it’s always such a treat to be there (and then of course feed them after we wrap)! And here’s how to ...
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