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America's favorite game day snack is...

The messier the better. Finger food perfection. We Americans eat 87,500 tons of them a year. So what is our favorite food to crush on game day?

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April Sports Roundup

A little depressed that March Madness is over? We are too. Sigh. But don’t be too sad. April is a month of transition in sports, but that also makes it one of the busiest months with playoffs in a number of leagues, and other leagues kicking off. March Madness, the NBA, and the NHL regular season...
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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Pimento Cheese

When it comes to The Masters golf tournament, there’s one food that’s undeniably iconic at Augusta National Golf Club: the pimento cheese sandwich. Many of you know pimento cheese dip as that orangey, gooey cheese dip that’s big in the South. Turns out, there are quite a few little-known facts ab...
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5 Facts About the Illustrious Masters Green Jacket

The Masters golf tournament is full of pomp and circumstance. It is golf, after all, so we’re not that surprised there are ancient traditions and customs that keep this best-in-class sporting event above par. But there’s one tradition we find particularly interesting: this whole Green Jacket thin...
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Top Snacks for Your March Madness Watch Party

Last year, we created our very own bracket to coincide with March Madness: The Hungry Fan Snack Bracket. Basically, we compiled a list of America’s favorite game day snacks and pitted them against each other in an NCAA-style bracket format. Hundreds of votes came in, and we whittled them down fro...
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The origins of March Madness: What’s the madness all about?

There’s drama. There’s suspense. Superstitions and shocking moments abound. Some might go as far as to argue (in the case of Sister Jean) that even God takes a side. There are all the trappings of a juicy Hollywood blockbuster. But what we are talking about, friends, is this thing that happens e...
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Post-Football & Olympics

What is there to watch after football and the Olympics end? Ah. Football. It feels like such a distant memory already. We miss it. When does it come back? Our pangs of football-missing sadness were briefly distracted (in a really good way) by two weeks of sheer, incredible athleticism on display ...
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The Top 5 Super Bowl Snacks

If you’re wondering what the top Super Bowl snacks are as you prep your game day menu, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of America’s favorite party snack ideas, so you can be sure your game day appetizers are a win for the Big Game. #1: Chicken wings Yep, chicken wings reign supreme year...
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Yes, You Can Eat Healthy on Game Day

Not all game day foods are created equal. And as you know, some are not exactly the healthiest. And that’s OK. For us here at Hungry Fan, football Sunday is our cheat day, especially when it happens to overlap with the Super Bowl. We enjoy going big. That said, the Big Game does happen to fall 4 ...
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Just How Much Do Americans Love Chicken Wings?

Chicken wings happen to be one of our absolute, hands-down favorite eats on game day. The messier, the better. And if the wings are of the Buffalo variety, you had us at hello. As it turns out, we here at Hungry Fan are not alone in our wing infatuation. The rest of America is pretty obsessed too...
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Super Bowl Food By The Numbers

Photo by Food Republic On Super Bowl Sunday, we were all unofficial competitors in the largest eating contest ever If American employers don't see an all-time rate of folks calling out sick from work on the Monday after the Super Bowl, it's not because we weren't trying. (Incidentally, we ran a p...
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Tailgating Checklist

The best tailgating parties are not only easy to throw together, but they’re also so much fun that some guests forget to watch the game! It’s like two parties rolled into one. So, whether you’re a pro or you’re hosting one for the first time, proper preparation is key. When you follow our tailgat...
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How to Clean Up After a Party

It’s a scenario every host has experienced: A party or gathering is winding down, and you finally have a moment to take stock of the house or kitchen. You’re thinking to yourself, “I thought my friends/family/co-workers liked me,” as you see the chaos left in the wake of your guests. (They like y...
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