Top Snacks for Your March Madness Watch Party

Last year, we created our very own bracket to coincide with March Madness: The Hungry Fan Snack Bracket. Basically, we compiled a list of America’s favorite game day snacks and pitted them against each other in an NCAA-style bracket format. Hundreds of votes came in, and we whittled them down from 64 to 32 to 16 to 8 to 4, and finally, to 2.

And then we headed to the Snack Bracket Championship…

Wondering what the top snacks were? We’re about to tell you which snacks made our Final Four…But first we wanted to give a shoutout to delicious, delectable, finger food standout, slidersour fifth place finalist that lost to a buzzer beater in overtime.

Here are the top 5 snacks to serve up at your March Madness watch party:



These were so popular in our bracket competition, we had to throw them in for good measure. They may not have made the Final Four, but they were a super close contender. Plus, who doesn’t like sliders? They’re burgers but more bite-sized, and therefore just as yummy but less messy! And they’re oh so wholly gratifying! Try our take on them with this delicious Savory Sriracha Sliders recipe.



Yep, you all really love your tacos. And so do we, so we can’t say we were too surprised to see tacos make the Final Four top snacks. Excuse us while we take a bite out of one… 

We think these Pork Tacos al Pastor are pretty killer and a perfect game day snack to serve up at your Final Four watch party.



Insert clever pun/dad joke about nachos…alright, you get the gist :) Jokes aside, nachos are the best. They’re easy to put together, are full of layers of cheesy goodness, and there’s always room for creativity to add your own spin to them! We are all about a toppings bar when hosting a March Madness party! That way, your guests can top their own plates of cheesy chip goodness with whatever they like. It’s a win-win for all! 

Check out our Loaded Chicken Nachos recipe. We guarantee you and your fellow basketball fans will love it.



It would be a little crazy if a burger of some kind didn’t make the top 4 favorite snacks list. Cheeseburgers beat out traditional burgers because, well, we Americans really looooove our cheese. This Quickie Cheeseburger recipe is quick and easy, and it’s super tasty. If you’re not a gravy fan, don’t worry! You can always put it on the side or hold it entirely. 



Yep, it’s true. Buffalo wings reign supreme again and again. It seems like no matter how we shake it (or shall we say, dip it?) Buffalo wings always seem to take the trophy as America’s favorite game day snack for March Madness or otherwise! 

Try these delicious Baked Buffalo Wings for your Final Four watch party. They’re easy to make at home and are the perfect way to whip up a tasty batch for those who don’t have a deep fryer on-hand.


So, there you have it! We’re sure these mouthwatering snacks are guaranteed to be winners for your March Madness watch party. Eat up!

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