The Ultimate Sandwich Roundup

National Sandwich Day is a most excellent holiday and it happens to fall on every November 3rd. So when November 1st rolled around this year, we looked to our repository of delicious sandwich recipes for a little inspiration. And holy heck, do we have a TON of sandwich recipes! (Good job, us!) So in honor of a national food holiday that we can absolutely get behind (who doesn’t like sandwiches?), we thought we’d round them all up for you for easy access to a who’s who, if you will, of sandwich standouts—any of which would make for a fine celebratory holiday meal.


Perhaps our most popular recipe of all at is our chopped cheese sandwich (pictured above). And for good reason! This ubiquitous bodega sandwich that hails from the Bronx is the most delicious griddled blend of chopped ground beef, cheese, ketchup, mayo, and lettuce stuffed into a sub roll. Eating one of these babies is a massively mouthwatering gastronomic experience.

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Named for the sandwich-loving protagonist of the Blondie comic strip, this sandwich is stacked with roast beef, turkey, ham, sardines, pickles, and cheese…or as we like to think of it, a little bit of everything. Now if we could just figure out how to get this whole thing into our mouth in one piece…

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Listen, there's egg salad sandwiches. And then there's those with prosciutto. Whole new level, people. And then we added some finely chopped Tuscan kale for crunch and bam! So much taste and texture happening at once, it's almost too much. Emphasis on almost.

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It's hard to beat this oldie but goodie. Whether it's drunk food, late night food, or just a solid lunch, you really can't go wrong. Serve it open faced or properly topped, your call. But either way, this one's got both taste and texture going for it. Plus, as a bonus, this sando isn’t terrible for you, and it’s packed with protein. Boom!

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We heard that this sando got its start when a chef dipped a beef sandwich into a pan of meat drippings after a customer complained the bread was stale. We can’t confirm if that’s the true history behind this sandwich, but here’s what we can confirm: It’s pretty tough to top hot beef and melty, gooey cheese dipped into an unctuous pan jus. It’s delicious to eat and it’s interactive! 


There are many styles of barbecue pulled pork. This particular recipe of ours was inspired by our founder’s love of Carolina barbecue––specifically North Carolina BBQ, which leans heavily on vinegar for its flavor profile. (Huge shout out to South Carolina BBQ as well, which is more mustardy and just as insanely yummy.) Listen, wherever you’re sourcing your barbecue sauce inspo from, you simply cannot go wrong with a pulled pork sando and it’s one of our favorites on this list!

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Talk about comfort food! This is a diner standout that is easy enough to make at home on the stove top (or on the griddle if you’ve got one). Oozing with cheese and plenty of butter, this classic sandwich is basically what you get when you dunk a burger in a grilled cheese. We’ll take two please!

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You cannot have a sandwich roundup without a breakfast sammie included. And when we think about mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches, it’s bacon, egg, and cheese all the way. Pile those ingredients onto a buttery, flaky croissant and you’ve got the breakfast of champions!  

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Cheesesteaks are maybe the yummiest thing to ever come out of Philadelphia. And they’re by no means on the “lite” side. So we lightened up the original recipe a bit for a slightly healthier spin. But not to worry, we would never sacrifice on flavor. 

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First off, a sandwich roundup must include vegetarian options. Secondly, open-faced sandwiches are sandwiches, and this one is a go-to when you’re trying to fancy things up a bit. (Our thoughts go immediately to our spreads for our tennis and golf watch parties.) This sandwich is a breeze to make: all you have to do is spread cream cheese on bread, top with a sliced cucumber and a dash of dill, and these bite-sized babies are ready to go. Game, set, and match!

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We pulled inspiration from Montreal, Canada for this one, where we’ve eaten some of the best smoked meat sandwiches in the world, eh. There are three ways to make this sandwich, and all are delectable. Ideally you smoke your meats, but you can just as easily grill ‘em or even slow-cook them in a Crockpot if need be. 

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A good Cuban sandwich can be hard to find. So thank goodness for this delectable recipe that you can make at home! And if you have a griddle or a panini press, even better! The secret ingredient in this recipe is the extra pork, which we're serving up in the form of bacon (because everyone loves bacon, obviously). And if you're being extra indulgent, definitely add the bacon mustard. It'll take you over the top! 

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When it comes to this sandwich, it seems National Sandwich Day couldn’t be more perfectly timed as we’ve already got Thanksgiving on the mind. (This sandwich is great anytime though, just for the record…) This sando is all about comforting, cozy flavors stacked high between two slices of bread (we prefer rye). It’s basically a holiday in your mouth. (See what we did there…?)

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So we’ve already given you a French dip…and a cheesesteak too. But this mighty tasty sandwich is probably what you’d get if a French dip met a cheesesteak, fell in love, and had a baby, but that baby was made out of pork. Top that with some delicious roasted garlic and bacon gravy—yes, we said bacon gravy—and you've got yourself one heck of a hero, hoagie, whatever you want to call it sandwich.

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And finally, in the event this list was in any way light on pork sandwiches, we offer up this additional hearty hero. Boasting maple cream cheese and a fried egg among its delectable ingredients, this sando is perfect for brunch.

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