The NBA Finals are in full swing, and as always, we’ve got food on the brain. Don’t get us wrong—of course we’re excited to watch the storied 17-time NBA Champions, the Celtics, take on Steph Curry’s Warriors. (Did we mention that the Celtics and Lakers franchises are tied at 17 NBA Championships apiece, so if Boston wins this series, they’ll be the winningest team ever? And if the Dubs win, they’ll overtake the Bulls to become the third most winningest franchise. How ‘bout them apples?) But, as we were saying, we wouldn’t be us without cookin’ up some tasty tip-off treats.

We know how diehard you Celtics fans are (some of us on the Hungry Fan team descend from parents who are from Baaaaaahston). But, we promise not to tell anyone if you sample some flavors from the Bay Area. And, Warriors fans, we know how loyal you are too. But it wouldn’t hurt to branch out and embrace some East Coast fare now and again, would it?

With these sentiments in mind, we’ve put together our favorite Boston and San Fran-inspired game day dishes to keep your tastebuds happy as you cheer for your favorite team.


1. Fried Fish ‘N’ Chips

Nothing screams Bay Area like good ole classic fish ‘n’ chips. You can almost smell the saltwater just thinking about it…Ahhh. There’s truly nothing like biting into crispy, flaky fish. Pair with your favorite California IPA, copious amounts of tartar sauce or malt vinegar (or both, if you’re like us), add a squeeze of lemon, and you’re golden. (Get it?) We crack ourselves up sometimes. Check out the recipe here.


2. Mama Falk’s Meatloaf

OK, so you might be thinking, what does meatloaf have to do with Boston? But hear us out. Mama Falk, our founder and CEO’s very own mom, is from Boston. And she is quite possibly one of the loudest and most boisterous Baaaahston Celtics fans there is. So, we included this recipe for that reason. It’s nearly perfect comfort food. And if you’re just not feeling up to the task of cooking, don’t worry! We’ve got you. Order Mama Falk’s Meatloaf here  and get it delivered to your door! 


3. Lump Crab Cake Burgers

Technically, this dish can go both ways. Make it more Bay Area-y by using Dungeness crab, or go for King crab or blue crab if you’re feeling East coast vibes. Whichever variety you choose, shaping your crab cakes into burger patties makes these burgers a bit healthier and lighter for game day, which means more room for beer or the libation (or dessert) of your choice. Check out the recipe here.


4. Boston Baked Beans

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention this classic Boston recipe. I mean, it’s in the name, after all. Whether you’re rooting for the Celtics or cheering for the Warriors, you’ll love this sweet, salty, and tangy dish that hits all corners of your flavor palette. It also happens to pair well with, say, fish ‘n’ chips or crab cake burgers? We’ll leave that up to you. 


5. Coconut Crusted Shrimp

Yes, we had to add another Bay Area favorite: shrimp. Although there are plenty of ways to enjoy these succulent crustaceans, our favorite variety (and a show-stopping one, we might add) has to be this sweet and salty combo. To make the recipe authentic to the Bay, use bay shrimp! 


Well, now that our mouths are watering thinking about all of this delicious food we’ll be eating while we watch the Finals, we hope you’re feeling equally inspired. No matter who takes the title this year, with these recipes in your back pocket, your watch party is sure to be a winner.


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