Must Haves: How to Host an Epic Tailgate

It's that time of year again; the kids are back in school, there's a briskness to the air just chilly enough you need an extra layer, the fallen leaves crunch with every step and pumpkin-flavored products have taken over the grocery stores. But most importantly: It's football once season again.

Whether it's a Thursday Night Football toss-up, a Friday Night Lights kind of showdown, a College Football Game Day Saturday, an NFL Sunday matinee or a Monday Night Football primetime matchup, here at Hungry Fan we've got you covered when it comes to putting on the best tailgate.


The beauty of the tailgating setup is that it's relatively basic. The purpose isn't to isolate yourself before the game but, rather, to have an enjoyable time, to mingle with fellow fans, indulge in some yummy food and drink and embrace team camaraderie. So pop the trunk and put out some chairs, or invest in a customized team tent for weather or sun protection, and consider a sturdy, foldable table to arrange your food spread. Your setup can only add to your game day fun!


Along with the styling of your setup come the cool, handy gadgets and gizmos used to enhance your game day experience. You can't have a football tailgate without a properly decadent assortment of tasty eats fresh off the grill. Make sure to pick a sturdy pair of tongs that'll help get the job done. Whether it's Rosemary and Plum Glazed RibsA Tailgate Supreme burger, or Sriracha Sliders, these 12-inch and 16-inch tongs are just the tools you'll need.

Maybe grilling isn't your thing, or you just want to mix it up! Try a low-maintenance recipe option like fall-off-the bone ribs made in a Portable Slow Cooker or a smoked brisket made delicious in a Smoker than does the work for you.

Whatever route you choose, ensure that your game day proteins are perfectly juicy inside and out. Try this handy Marinade Meat Injector to juicy-up the inside of your protein and provide a nice splash of sauce atop it before serving.

Cooking and grilling aside, it's game day and you're there to have a good time and not to babysit the grill or items that need to remain cool. Consider this 3-in-1 Thermal Bag. This tailgating-friendly item keeps hot food hot or cold food cold for you so you're free to eat, drink and be merry.

Of course, as awesome as it is, game day food isn't everything. You can't tailgate without a refreshing, chilled (adult) beverage to wash down each and every tasty mouthful. Ensure that your highly-requested Game Day Sangria stays crisp and cool with these easy-to-transport Silicone Cube Trays.


Tailgating is all about fun with family, friends and football! But make sure you're prepared in case the odd mishap strikes. Toss this effortless first aid kit in your trunk so you'll be equipped to handle any minor injury. Plus it's a practical item to have on hand for any other day's just-in-case situation.

Keep this multi-purpose bottle opener around. You'll be surprised how much use it'll get. (It seems bottle openers are always the things people forget or lose on game day). No need to stop the fun or risk injury (please do not try to machete the neck of your beer or wine bottle) when you can have this affordable and sleekly-designed tool onsite.

Make the most of this football season with epic tailgates and capitalize on the best time of year! Keep checking Hungry Fan for all your game day needs including cutting-edge essentials, recipes and informative blog posts to maximize your game day experience.

Happy Game Day, all!

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