I'm a Firestarter, Twisted Firestarter

This is has always been a staple in our Hungry Fan (R) tailgating bag of tricks. We love cooking over charcoal, and Inflame makes the best fire starters. Burned fingertips, swearing and shame usually follow the many attempts to light your grill with a book of matches. Inflames Fire Starters are easy to use and create a strong, long-lasting fire. It's amazing once you use these once. You literally won't go back. They are perfect kindling to use with flint and steel as well, if you are into that manly-man type of thing.


  • Unlike others we've tried that fall apart easily, these don't. They're made from a blend of waxes and renewable, recycled biomass fiber.
  • It will easily start burning large pieces of wood, brown coal, briquettea, eco-pea, pellets and even wet wood.


  • If you have a chimney starter for your charcoal already, that works fine with just paper and matches.
  • They are more expensive than matches and old newspaper.

You can purchase 24 of these babies for $13 on Woodsly. A small price to pay for unscorched fingers.

Note: They are also listed on Amazon but are currently out of stock. (Check Amazon for updates on inventory).

If you grab some of these and like what you experience, send us some pics and your thoughts for a chance to be one of our Featured Fans. (Use #HungryFan).

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