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Prepping For Your Homegate: Fridge Rules

We here at Hungry Fan are all about preparing for our homegate parties in advance. It takes a lot of the pressure off of game day itself. But it's super important to know these fridge rules, so you can be sure your game day eats are both fresh and delicious.

When you're planning a homegating party (which is basically a tailgating party but at home instead of in the parking lot), it's all about timing. No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen prepping all the food while everyone else gets to enjoy the game and the party! Timing is indeed everything—from when you buy your groceries, to when you make your dishes, to how you get them ready to serve.

Our secret? Prepping in advance! We buy our groceries beforehand and store them in the fridge or freezer until it's time to cook. Food prep usually goes down the day before the game so the dishes don't have to sit in the fridge too long before they're served. And on game day, we keep our cold food and drinks refrigerated until we're ready to serve them. We heat room temperature food to temp before we serve it (without letting anything sit out too long), and we warm our hot dishes in the oven to keep them warm until it's time to serve.

Although this kind of food prep doesn't generally involve storing food or drinks for long, we thought it was best to provide some reminders of how long food can keep—both in the fridge and the freezer. This is especially relevant if you're doing your grocery shopping in advance—and when you're dealing with uncooked meats, such as sausage, fresh poultry, or raw ground beef.

Image from our friends at Kitchen Cabinet Kings.

This guide is useful for anyone who stores food in their home, especially for long periods of time, including after your homegating party (think leftovers and extra groceries you didn't end up using). If you're ever doing spring cleaning and cleaning out your pantry, you may realize it's time to do something about your outdated kitchen. If so, be sure to check out the guides to kitchen design and remodeling ideas from our friends at Kitchen Cabinet Kings.

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