The Most Popular Football Tailgate Food Across America

Recently, a certain Instagram post caught our attention. It seemed like a lot of effort had gone into it. It was super design-y. And it looked official. It was a map of the United States and it was titled "The Most Popular Football Tailgate Food in Each State."

But without even looking at the comments (most of which were along the lines of "WTF!?"), it seemed the data used to generate said map was blatantly, unquestionably wrong—in ooooh so many ways.

Here is the notorious map from the folks at Barstool Sports:

The Most Popular Football Tailgate Food in each state

Behold some of the comments:


If this post was merely a stunt to piss people off and elicit a bunch of comments, well then congrats, Barstool. Mission accomplished. We're hoping that's what this was because…ecstasy for Arizonans? Really?

So…This wrong needs righting. And we took it upon ourselves to do just that.

Without further ado, here is your actual map of America's favorite football tailgating foods at tailgates in each state:

The Most Popular Football Tailgate Food in Each State

Let us know what you think! Or view this post on our Instagram and leave us a comment!

Welcome back to football season, everyone!

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