Eating, Drinking and Festivity-ing in the Twin Cities

We're sharing our favorite spots in the Twin Cities for those of your lucky enough (or crazy enough) to attend Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota this February.

Last we checked, it's still really cold in Minneapolis. Bombogenesis, Bomb Cyclone, or just plain old winter—whatever you call it, Super Bowl LII is going to be a cold one. The 52nd Super Bowl in NFL history, this year's game will only be the sixth one played in a cold weather city. And while the game will be played under the protection of a dome, all Super Bowl week festivities will require visitors to brave the cold, winter elements. (For those of you up to the task, we applaud you)!

If you're going to be in Minneapolis during Super Bowl week (leading up to the game on Feb. 4th), here are our picks for some of the best events, places to eat and drink, and things to


If you're lucky enough to score credentials or get on lists, there are a ton of private parties and concerts that go down during Super Bowl week. Hosts range from Playboy to ESPN, to DirectTV to GQ. For a complete rundown of all Super Bowl events, concerts and parties, including ones for which you can purchase tickets to attend (and possibly rub shoulders with some celebs), head here.

Club Nomadic

Club Nomadic

While in Houston for last year's Super Bowl LI, we hit up the well-known Club Nomadic to catch Bruno Mars in concert. For those of you unfamiliar with Club Nomadic, it's kind of cool. It's a pop-up (temporary) club that literally travels the globe from major event to major event. They construct it from scratch at each location and then take it down, only to reconstruct it again at the next locale. Until yesterday, the 9,000 person Club Nomadic was slated to pop up at Mystic Lake, headlined by the likes of Gwen Stefani, Florida Georgia Line, the Chainsmokers and Kygo with Ellie Goulding.

As of today, they've officially scrapped Club Nomadic, moving the acts indoors to the casino, Mystic Lake Center. You can get more information on each act and where they will be playing now here.

Additional Concerts

Nomadic Live (by the same folks who set up Club Nomadic) is also hosting a secondary concert series in downtown Minneapolis at the Armory. The lineup there includes Imagine Dragons, Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Lopez (from Feb. 1-3). You can get tickets here.


Burch Steakhouse and Pizza Bar (Lowry Hill)

Wait, what? It's a steakhouse…and a pizzeria? And they're both gorgeous and really good? JACKPOT! If you're a meat and potatoes kinda fan, no matter what your budget, you're in for a treat here. They have a tasty hanger steak for $13 or you can splurge with your buddy or honey on a $95 porterhouse for two. They've got in total 5-6 cuts of meat sold at different grade levels (grass-fed, choice and prime) and you can get them in normal sized 6-7 oz. portions or you can go big (because it's Super Bowl Weekend after all right?) and order the 12-14 oz. sizes. All in all, you've got about 30 meat choices in the upstairs steakhouse portion of Burch's.

Now if you decide to head downstairs into the cavern-like second area of Burch, you'll want to have pizza on the brain. The pizza is Neapolitan style and well, whoa. You've got your standard and beloved Margherita, which is delicious. But they've also got some fairly unusual (but amazeballs) combinations such as the Gorgonzola e Mela, with creme fraîche, gorgonzola cheese, apple and bacon. Or there is the Tonno Diavolo featuring  tomato, tuna, endive, and lime. Other pizza ingredients range from truffled cow's and sheep's milk cheese, Mornay sauce, creamed leeks, marinated octopus, smoked pork shoulder and even lobster. Mmmm!!!!

Heirloom (Downtown St. Paul)

For those of you more interested in farm-to-table-to-fork, seasonal and local cuisine, this is the spot for you. The restaurant categorizes its food as "modern farmhouse cuisine." It's sort of like New American tapas. Meaning, some of the portions run small (hence why I prefer to call them tapas). The prices range from $10-$25 with the smaller dishes around $10 and the larger, more substantial menu options around $25. The servers will recommend you order at least two plates per person, but with such delicious food, you won't be sorry. P.S. This is one of those spots where the adage of "never order chicken at a restaurant" doesn't fly. It's good. Really good.

Spoon and Stable (Downtown Minneapolis)

This is a French-inspired, bistro-like but rustic spot in the North Loop of Minneapolis. It's a bit trendy, and reservations can be tough to come by, so don't be afraid to kick it at the bar. You can eat and enjoy their fantastic cocktails. Like Heirloom, a lot of the produce is locally sourced and the dishes are really inventive. Umm, cheese curd-stuffed bratwurst?! YES. (It's on the bar menu). Also, they have some bison tartar, which, if tartar is your thing, is worth trying.

The Buttered Tin (Lowertown St. Paul)

This spot is a casual cafe for breakfast or lunch. But if you're a bacon fan like we are, Four words: salted maple bacon butter. Yes. Yes. Yes. Add that to your flapjacks and we're in business! They also make homemade jam. Also worth noting are the Crab Cake Benedict and the Oatmeal Raisin Whoopie Cookie (pies) with cream cheese filling. Whoa.


The Happy Gnome (Downtown St. Paul)

89 beers on tap. 89. Need I say more? If you fancy yourself a beer aficionado, head here. And if you're hanging out on Super Bowl weekend with a beer nut but you aren't one yourself, don't sweat it. They have a variety of liquor options for you as well. And while we expect the weather to be downright frigid, especially for those just visiting the Twin Cities and not used to minus single- or even double-digit temperatures, don't leave without checking out The Happy Gnome's back patio. It's actually open year round and features a gigantic fire pit. (Bring your own s'mores?)

Republic (Seven Corners Minneapolis)

In the words of Zagat, this is a "Craft Beer Mecca." You'll find all kinds, including tough-to-find varieties. Our favorite thing about this place? They not only have beers on tap, but they have cocktails on tap too! They also have incredible happy hour deals like a legit $6 burger. Did we mention that at Republic, Happy Hour is twice a day?

Bev's Wine Bar (North Loop Minneapolis)

Super Bowl week a little nuts? Too many people? Sensory overload? We dig this place because it's relaxed and on the quieter side. Bring yourself, bring your honey or bring your friends for a very well-curated wine list and tasty nibbles and pizza. (If you're not a wine person, they also have a respectable beer menu of domestics and imported brews.


We wish you the best, most awesome trip to the Twin Cities! Eat well! Stay warm!‍

The Hungry Fan Team

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