All you need for a perfect ice cream social

I scream. You scream. We all scream for, well, you know…

Summertime is in full swing, and we're all craving some cool and creamy goodness to complement our backyard BBQ or steal the show at our ice cream social. We here at Hungry Fan had absolutely no problem sampling many delectable delights as well as handy items to make your summer soiree sweet and stress-free. Here are a few of our favorites.

Frozen Treats

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches

Who says ice cream sandwiches are just for kids? We certainly don't. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches are the perfect combo of creamy and cake-like texture all in one bite. Bonus: They're also on the lighter side of things, (hence the name), so you can feel less guilty about indulging in one or three of these tasty treats. Don't worry; your secret is safe with us. Choose from Vanilla Gone Wild, Cool As Can Be Mint, and more.

Daiya dairy-free dessert bars

Daiya dairy-free dessert bars

Seriously, these are so good, you won't believe they're dairy-free. These delicious coconut-based vegan bars are super creamy, and they have just the right amount of crunch. Whether or not you're plant-based, these are a great summer go-to and have a mild coconut flavor that's not overpowering. They come in a pack of three and a variety of flavors, including salted caramel swirl and classic vanilla bean.

PRO TIP: You might want to hide these babies in the back of the freezer because once the secret is out, everyone will be trying to grab them.

Talenti sorbetto 

There's something so refreshing about a fruity sorbet. And a dairy-free one at that. It also reminds us of basking in the sun in a piazza in Italy. But we digress…Bring a taste of this gelato-inspired delight to your couch or dinner table. All the flavors are delish, but our personal favorites are Roman Raspberry and Alphonso Mango. Can't decide? Then don't. They also make a killer combo.

Dreyer's Cookies 'N Cream ice cream

Dreyer's Cookies 'N Cream

Sometimes you just have to go for a classic crowd-pleaser. Dreyer's, or Edy's in some parts of the country, just makes the best damn cookies 'n cream in the universe. No matter how many we've tried, we keep coming back to this winner. It's the perfect cookie-to-cream ratio, has actual cookie chunks you can sink your teeth into, and has a rich flavor that goes beyond just the cookies. Also, real talk: it's convenient to have on hand because everyone loves it from kids to grandpas. Just watch out for Cookie Monster…

Go-to Supplies

Speedy ice cream maker


We obviously agree that there are plenty of super tasty store-bought ice cream and sorbet options out there. However, for those of you creative types who want to go a step further, why not make your own? With this handy dandy fully automatic ice cream maker, you can whip up your own creamy or icy creation with the simple press of a button. Yep, it's that quick. It features a removable bowl for simple cleanup and includes recipes to make your life even easier.

Want to churn up a unique and tasty flavor? Check out these simple and delicious gelato and sorbet recipes for inspiration.

The perfect scooper

The perfect scooper

We've all bent a perfectly good serving spoon trying to scoop up packed ice cream fresh from the freezer. Oops. Spare your wrists (and those poor spoons) with this OXO Good Grips® retractable scooper. As the name suggests, it's easy to hold, and the retractable handle makes for a clean, non-sticky release. Get the perfectly round scoop to make your bowl or cone fit for a Baskin-Robbins ad.

Long-lasting cooler

Long-lasting cooler

If you're an ice cream aficionado who's serious about hosting an ice cream social, like 3-gallon cartons serious, this Coldmaster® cooler is an absolute must. Not only does it keep ice cream from melting for up to 10 hours, but it also provides a sleek-looking container to complement your party decor.

PRO TIP: Freeze the cooler overnight for maximum freezing potential.

Convenient (and cute) cone holder

Convenient (and cute) cone holder

No one wants to put their ice cream down or heaven forbid hand it to someone else (who will undoubtedly try to take a bite or lick). However, sometimes you just have to, especially when it's your turn to play cornhole or ping pong. Luckily, this convenient cone holder is happy to do the job for your waffle or cake cone when you need a hands-free moment. Just don't forget to grab it before it melts!

Bowl and spoon set

Bowl & Spoon set

Cute and colorful serving bowls are really the icing on the cake, or shall we say the sprinkles on the sundae when it comes to an ice cream social. These stackable ramekins are great for displaying toppings or holding your bowl of frozen goodness. The cherry on top? They include matching spoons, so you can pile on the sprinkles, nuts, or topping of your choosing mess-free. We also like mixing and matching the colors just because we can. 

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