Sure, grill tongs have a sole purpose: turning over and picking up whatever you're grilling up. We've all made the mistake of picking up your tongs without giving them a good test click or two to make sure they work. Sigh.

That said, grill tongs have quite a few uses beyond click-clacking and picking up meat off the grill. In fact, we've come up with our top five.

1. Pulling Meat (or Veggies) Off The Grill

Pulling Meat (or Veggies) Off The Grill

Let's start with the obvious one: pulling meat off the grill. Duh. With a quick click-clack, you can pull your perfectly cooked steaks, sausages, chicken breasts, or corn off the grill. Thanks to their slip-free handle, tongs make it easy to pull pretty much anything off the grill without having to worry about dropping your dinner.

2. Burning Fat Off Your Steak

Burning Fat Off Your Steak

For the most part, cooking steaks over open fire or charcoal means making sure the meat cooks evenly. However, if you're cooking a ribeye that's over an inch thick and wants to cook off that excess fat, you can actually use your tongs to stand your ribeye up vertically as the fire burns off the fat. Who knew.

3. Removing Chicken Beer Cans

Removing Chicken Beer Cans

If you've ever tried a chicken beer can recipe, it's no secret that the can is hot as hell once the chicken cooks through. That said, if that can is shoved tightly up the…(yeah, we can't think of a better way to describe this), anyway, you can use your tongs to remove the hot can…

4. Pulling Lobstahs And Crabs Outta Da Steamah Pot…

Pulling Lobstahs And Crabs Outta Da Steamah Pot…

OK, this one is a little Boston-specific, but grill tongs can be used to pull basically anything from a boiling pot. Be it corn, lobsters, or potatoes, use your tongs to protect your hands and get out your perfect boiled foods right on time.

5. Removing Fallen Oven Items

Removing Fallen Oven Items

Ever picked up a hot pan in the oven too quickly and lost a veggie or two? Us too. Rather than letting the poor veggie burn up in the bottom of the oven and cause a mess later, you can use your tongs to remove the item before it burns and stinks up your kitchen. But, as always, be careful trying this move, especially when the oven is hot.

And hey, look, here's a shameless plug for our small team at GrillHogs. If you're looking for a badass, durable tong set that can handle all your grilling needs, check out our heavy duty GrillHogs grill tongs. We have single sets, 2-packs, and 3-packs for all your grilling needs.

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