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Blackberry Rum

Got some extra blackberries lying around? Ok, even if you don’t, this recipe’s a winner so go out and get some! If you’re a rum fan, you won’t be sorry because we’re teaching you how to infuse that rum with those delicious berries. 

And then to top it all off, we’ve got a tasty cocktail for you to make with that infused rum. Make this your own signature cocktail when you’re entertaining friends for game day!


How to infuse:

1. Place ½ cup blackberries in an 16 oz ball jar. 
2. Fill the jar with rum.
3. Seal the lid and store in a cool place (does not need to be refrigerated). 24 hours later your alcohol will be infused.

How to drink:

1. Combine rum, tea, lemon juice and ice in a pitcher.
2. Serve in a glass. Repeat recipe to serve more than 1 person.

Adia Benson, known as Addie, was born and raised in Minnesota, where she spent cold winters playing hockey on her frozen over backyard and summers on her brother’s soccer team (the girl is competitive!). Although her career took her to a kitchen, she has remained a sports fan and finds any opportunity to host friends and family around a game. She has worked for the likes of Thomas Keller, Martha Stewart and in culinary innovation for two years at gravitytank in Chicago. She currently lives in Lake Forest, IL with her fiancé, Alex, and puppy, Paisley, and works at Prime Publishing overseeing the production of culinary content for web platforms and testing recipes that will be published in cookbooks beginning in 2017. Addie also runs Addie’s Confetti Kitchen, where, for the next month, she’s helping us make March Madness eats effortless, appetizing, and a whole lot of fun for everyone!
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