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Beer Sno Cones

But I got to thinking about tailgating and cold as I prepare to tailgate next Sunday at the Giants-49ers game. I am seriously hoping we can keep temps above 50 degrees F. But I know in NFL franchise cities across the US, sooner than later, if they haven’t already, temps will drop to near or below freezing. So my brain went like this: Freezing Temps –> Tailgating –> Beer —> Snow Cones!


  1. Pour your beer into a square (for more even freezing) baking dish and let freeze for 45-60 minutes. 
  2. You will start to see ice crystals forming at the edge of the baking dish. When you do, take a fork and mix that icy part into the rest of the beer in the dish. 
  3. You will continue to do this every 45 minutes or so until your beer is totally frozen into what will look like an Italian ice/granita texture. (This could take up to 3 hours. Mine took and hour and a half. But if you’re doing a long tailgate, these could be ready for dessert)!
  4. To serve, I recommend keeping it simple. You can always serve your cones in a plastic cup. I personally am fond of sno cones in the cone cups. Those are easy to find at various stores (possibly including the office supply store as those cups are often used for office water coolers).
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