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Tool Box Barbecue (Grill)

Our favorite new grill is the BBQ Toolbox by SUCK UK. It's a fangating™ must!

I give you the BBQ Toolbox by SUCK UK.

This puppy's got it all:

[It's] a BBQ that looks like a classic metal toolbox. Folds up with a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation to the park or beach. Unfolds to reveal a warming rack and storage tray for your extra hot chilli sauce. A whopping 8×15” stainless steel grill area. Removable fuel tray for your charcoal, and adjustable vent to control the flow of oxygen over the hot coals. Made from steel and coated in super high temperature red paint.

Two hearty thumbs up!  👍 👍  Here at Hungry Fan, we dig this.

Images from SUCK UK.