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The Relish: For Fans by Fans, Lady-Style

Ladies, if you're a sports a real sports fan...then this is for you.

Sports for Female Fans

There is little more that I despise more than when people suggest I wear a pink or bedazzled version of a jersey or normal team t-shirt. Just because I am a girl doesn't mean I don't know sports or consume them the same way dudes do. I know my sports...

If you share my perspective, then check out The Relish and consider subscribing. It's, in essence, a lot like The Skimm, but for sports. Sports served up in your inbox, specially curated to include great content that's actually interesting and (You know what I mean).

I've recently teamed up with The Relish to help add in a bit of game day yumminess into the mix. Be sure to be on the lookout for specially curated Hungry Fan recipes meant to help you get ready for matchups of note each weekend.

To kick things, off, head find out the must-haves for this football season. Happy reading!