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Spice Blends for Kicked-Up Game Day Flavor

Looking to spice up your game day? Look no farther... These spices will make your tastebuds cheer for victory.

As an expert in game day food, I get a lot of messages from sports fans asking me for help making their tailgate or homegate food tastier. And often, I reply with recipe suggestions from my array of game day recipes or suggest they pick up my cookbook, which features 165 recipes, including 40 I collected from professional athletes and Olympians.

But I decided to go a step further, to help make cooking game day food easier and taste super yummy! I came out with a small line of spice blends (specially formulated by yours truly to taste like your favorite game day flavors: Barbecue, Buffalo Wings, and Pizza)! These blends are great as dry rubs for grilling and smoking proteins! But you can also use them to make sauces; to sprinkle atop snacks like chips, popcorn and nuts (I like to zap 'em in some olive oil or butter and then pour on popcorn and nuts); to make Bloody Marys with, to add to condiments (the Barbecue Blend in mayonnaise is riiidiiiic!), etc. Really, the possibilities are endless but just to save you some trouble, I've included some how-to's on the back of every package!

I'm super excited to now be selling my blends not only on Amazon but also on! In fact, HSN is running a cool tailgate promo through Super Bowl LI, wherein you can get a great discount!

On, you'll find the blends offered in 4 different ways: in a 3-Pack of Pizza, a 3-Pack of Buffalo Wings, a 3-Pack of Barbecue, or in a Variety Pack (1 of each flavor as seen above). I highly encourage you to give them a try! They come in 2-ounce pouches that should last you a while!

And if you come up with a crazy, awesome recipe using them, please share (@TheHungryFan) on every social platform! I'll feature your recipe here on and on social!