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Just What You Need Most: A Bacon Toaster

In this low-carb world we're living in, bread toasters are out! And bacon toasters are in! Say hello to your new game day favorite.

Living in New York City, I do not have a lot of counter space. (I also live with someone who is a minimalist who despises clutter--and whose definition of "clutter" generally encompasses anything that sits on a countertop...*Groan*). That said, I feel like bacon trumps all. And the folks at Nostalgia Electrics had me at hello. Their Bacon Express bacon toaster does exactly what it sounds like it does: it crisps up bacon slices just like a regular toaster cooks bread.


It's fair to say that for the space this gadget occupies on your countertop, it's kind of unfortunate that it only has one function--which is to cook bacon. But then again, the same can be said for a lot of other kitchen tools like Soda Streams, waffle irons, and panini machines. And come on... this is for BACON! (Bacon should be it's own food group--at least on game day).

The Bacon Express holds six bacon slices at a time and features a dial on the side that enables you to control cooking time to achieve your desired crispness/doneness. The structure of the Bacon Express seals in the heat and grease, helping save on messy cleanup after the bacon is done. (It features a bottom tray for grease collection for easy cleaning and disposal--or if you're me, for saving! I save my bacon grease for cooking other dishes and even for baking...i.e. bacon chocolate chip cookies).

The Bacon Toaster retails for $39.99 on Amazon.