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Cooking with the Sun

If you're into being green, it appears I've just found your new favorite cooking toy: The SolSource Solar Cooker. It's powered by...yup, you guessed it...the sun.

The SolSource Solar Cooker professes to be powerful, easy-to-use and versatile. It's innovative design (which reminds me a little bit of an old-school satellite dish) actually allows you to convert the sun's rays into heat so that you may grill, pan fry, slow-cook, roast, and boil food. Not bad!

So how does it work, exactly? 

Here's a fun graphic (below) from the makers of SolSource Solar Cooker. Essentially, the product is primarily composed reflective panels in the form of a parabola (yes, high school math term). The angle of those panels helps to concentrate [about 90% of the collected] power of the sun's rays in the form of heat towards the cooking tray, upon which you can place your pot, skillet, or the special SolSource 12.5" Ceramic Cast Aluminum Grill Pan, which is sold separately. (How is it different than a solar panel on your roof? Solar panels collect sunshine and convert it to power. Here, you're converting to heat so you can cook)!

From One Earth Designs

Cooking with a SolSource Solar Cooker

Cooking with the SolSource Solar Cooker is pretty darn easy. Yes, you do have to put the cooker together before you begin cooking--but that's also not a biggie. 

The cooker is mostly composed of two parts: the stand and the panels. Once you've put them together, simply point the cooker at the sun, top the cooking stand with your cooking instrument of choice and you're off to the races! And the cooker supports all cookware so you can make burgers, mac & cheese, slow cooked pork, you name it!

The Take-Away

Clean energy and being green is becoming more and more popular. And if that's your thing, great! You don't need any plug-ins, batteries, fire, charcoal or anything to cook with the SolSource Solar just need a sunny day and a yummy recipe. And for a lot you sports fans and tailgate enthusiasts, that's pretty easily achieved on game day, especially during the summer months and early fall.

So what does it cost to harness the power of that big, flaming ball of fiery gas in the sky to make your game day meal? Thhe SolSource Solar Cooker retails on Amazon for $439. Is it worth it? I can't answer that for you. Would I tailgate with it? You bet.


Get more information and shop for your SolSource Solar Cooker here.