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America's Best Burrito

If you're a burrito lover, then you've got to read this!

There are arguably few "national holidays" as beloved as National Burrito Day, which happens to be today, April 6th! 

A few years ago, ESPN's FiveThirtyEight evaluated the burritos of a whopping 67,391 burrito-selling establishments. With the help of "food experts" (that regrettably did not include yours truly), they whittled down the list from tens of thousands to 64 in the search for America's Best Burrito.

The Round of 64. Photo by Anna Maria Barry-Jester

Traveling over 20,000 miles, they tasted and tasted, evaluating the competition in two different rounds (which actually contributed to eating more than 64 burritos.)....welp. But they emerged with a winner!

To read the full article--complete with great detail about each burrito tasted and their particularly delectable attributes--head here.

The winner, with an impressive score of 96/100....
I give you The Carnitas Burrito at La Taqueria, located on San Francisco's Mission Street.

Here's how this burrito scored:

Credit: FiveThirtyEight

So if you're a burrito fiend like me, maybe you're due for a trip to the Golden City. In the meantime, Happy National Burrito Day to you!