What to Do with All Those Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Hungry Fan
November 21, 2016
If your family is anything like mine, we do a pretty decent job attacking Thanksgiving dinner... But there's always so many leftovers. Here's some easy ideas for repurposing those into great weekend meals.

I can't help it...I always make too much food at Thanksgiving. I don't know why. I always try to correct for it year after year but I just cannot seem to help myself.

As my family's cook, it therefore becomes my job to create additional meals for my family for the long weekend that follows Thanksgiving as we all hang out, enjoying football and together time. (And it's a job I warmly welcome). But like me, most of my family cringes just a little at the thought of eating more Thanksgiving dinner in the days that follow...because like me, many of them overdid it Thursday. Not going to lie, there's a little bit of a gag reflex situation at the thought of more Thanksgiving dinner.

So I've taken it upon myself to come up with yummy ways to repurpose our leftovers, disguising them in new, hunger-inducing meals that my family will actually want to eat.

Turkey Salad, especially in sandwich form, is such an easy recipe and one that's great for weekend brunch or fangating coffee table picnics!

Here are some fun and easy recipes to try this Thanksgiving:

  1. Turkey Salad Sandwiches
  2. Roasted Turkey Cobb Salad
  3. Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Club Sandwich