Super Bowl, By the Numbers

Hungry Fan
January 23, 2017
In anticipation of Super Bowl 51, we're taking a look back at just how much money fans at Levi's Stadium spent on Super Bowl Sunday food, wine and beer.

Super Bowl Sunday in America is--hands down--the biggest sports day of the year. And Super Bowl 50 fans at Levi's Stadium did not disappoint with their consumption of food, drink and even souvenirs last year.


Just about a year ago, just over 71,000 fans descended upon Levi's Stadium--home of the San Francisco 49'ers--for Super Bowl 50. Not surprisingly given the locale, one of the most popular beverages consumed on Super Bowl Sunday 2016 was wine. According to, stadium-goers consumed 8,000 glasses of wine. They all spent a pretty penny on wine and food, averaging $87.57 per person, second only to Super Bowl Sunday stadium-goers are MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014. (No shock there, given the general absurdity of food and drink prices in New York. Take it from me, a New Yorker for the last 6 years).

According to, Levi Stadium-goers bought 26,000 hot dogs, 1,000 crab sandwiches and 1,000 vegan hot dogs. (Sounds about right...California. [I also lived there for several years as well]).

The top-selling drink? Domestic beer, which sold for $13 a cup. The close second? Water. That sold for $7. (Yes, $7).

If you factor in the amount of money that fans at Levi's Stadium spent on Super Bowl 50 souvenirs, which was an average of $64.71 per person according to the Sports Business Journal, then on average, fans that day spent an average of $152.28 per person. Multiply that by 71,088 fans (total headcount) and you've got $10.83 million. Sounds like a good haul, Levi's Stadium.


Super Bowl 51, which is two weeks away, takes us to NRG Stadium in Houston. There's a saying that "everything's bigger in Texas." We'll just have to see if this rings true when we soon tally the spending stats for Super Bowl 51 attendees.

Have a happy and yummy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone!