Staying Healthy in the Sun or in the Rain

Hungry Fan
June 5, 2016
Even when it’s raining or cloudy, you can still be exposed to UV rays when you’re outside! Though it may seem silly to you, wear sunscreen!

There is a trick to sunscreen as not all sunscreens are made equal!  When you lather on the protective goodness, make sure you’re covering yourself in lotion that does not contain parabens or Oxybenzone.

There are a couple brands I really like.  One is Trader Joe’s brand.  It’s chemical free and extremely emollient.  Alba is another good brand that you can find at Whole Foods and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Try the Very Emollient one–it rubs in much better!


Look for sunscreens that use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide! Stay away from anything with oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate.