Shopping for the Sports Fan Dad on Father's Day

Hungry Fan
June 5, 2017
What to get the guy who taught you to love sports and raised you to be a fan? Read on.

Hungry Fan's Father's Day Picks

When people ask me what inspired me to launch Hungry Fan, I tell them my story of growing up as my father's daughter, being raised around sports since quite literally the womb. I tell them how I came to love being a sports fan after my dad let me tag along with him to sporting events all the time as a little girl and how he provided me a childhood in which on any given day, we might enjoy some QT with one of his athlete clients. (I learned so much about sports on those occasions). The exposure I got growing up under Papa Falk is entirely why there's even this website for you to be reading this right now.

Me and my dad at the 2012 Duke v. UNC game at Duke 
My dad started taking me along with him to Duke games when I was 14, introducing me to Krzyzewskiville and the magnetism of Cameron Indoor, and inspiring me to want to be a Cameron Crazy myself. I did one college application. Duke University Early Admission. The rest is history.


If you're like me and your dad (or husband, grandfather, stepfather, etc.) is the one who introduced you to sports, or maybe he's just a huge fan, then this post is for you.

I don't think it's mandatory to buy your father something on Father's Day. (Often I would make something for my dad or cook him something). A thoughtful card would probably do. But if you are thinking about purchasing a little something for the father figure sports fan in your life, then be sure to check out our gift ideas for the Ultimate Sports Fan Father's Day Gift.

And to all those dads out there...

Happy Father's Day!