Pro Tips for Cold Weather Tailgating

Hungry Fan
January 3, 2017
Winter isn't's already here. Here are some quick tips for maximizing your game day fun in the winter.

It may be cold. It may be snowy. Heck, it may be icy. But that doesn't stop the best of us from tailgating. (And I love you all for that)!

But when it comes to winter weather tailgating, there are extra considerations that generally relate to the arctic temps and the wind. Here are a couple pro tips that will help you to have a better tailgate this winter.


In winter it goes without saying that the temperatures tend to drop. And when the temps drop, that means it takes more charcoal and/or more fire to get your barbecue up to temperature to cook food. If you constantly raise the lid to look at the food (either because you're hungry or because you're checking to see if it's done), you're making it more difficult for yourself. Every time you raise the lid, you're letting winter air get in there and that's going to cool down your grilling situation.

So keep that lid on! Cook that food! Stop staring at it!


It seems winter air tends to include wind. And wind is tough for your tent (canopy). I have tried a lot of things to keep my tent anchored down. (I have even tried like serious weightlifting barbells. Nuts). What works the best? Good old-fashioned cement.

I recently saw this image (right) of an artisan's tent at a crafts show and I really dug the rope rigging with the cinder blocks. Cinder blocks are legit heavy - they are made from a combination of cement and aggregate. And with the ropes tied to the canopy...that puppy isn't going anywhere.

Or, try a little DIY project!

Here's what you do:

  • Fill the bottom of a a 2 Liter soda bottle with cement and insert a large hook in the middle
  • Let dry (outside).
  • Remove the plastic casing
  • Optional: paint
  • Rig with ropes to your tent.

Here's what you get:

Making this homemade weight is cheap and easy and the resulting product provides a great weight to keep your canopy from blowing away!