Patriotic Entertaining

Hungry Fan
May 15, 2017
With Memorial Day coming up, you'll want to master the art of patriotic cooking...

American-themed, tasty food is what's on the menu this Memorial Day.

Red and white--when it comes to food, that isn't too tough. But blue? Limiting to say the least. (Thank you for your existence, blueberries).

But fear not, here are two tasty and extremely easy dishes to serve at your Memorial Day cookout that'll have your friends asking where you got your recipe...


1. Old Glory Pie

We originally published this recipe to celebrate July 4th, another great Ameircan holiday. Refreshing, sweet and creamy, who says you can just eat this pie on Memorial Day as well.

2. Bacon Coffee Cake

Ok, so our recipe works great if you live in Texas...because we got ourselves a pretty nifty Texas cookie cutter stencil thingamadoodle. What if you don't live in Texas? 

No worries! 

**You can get yourself a USA stencil or one of your state of choice and you're set!** 

3. Red, White and Blue Nachos

These literally could not be more easy if you tried. Red, white and blue--thanks to salsa, cheese and oh yeah, blue corn tortillas. (Wink).