More Tips for Cold Weather Tailgating

Hungry Fan
January 13, 2017
I'm no meteorologist, but I know when my tootsies are freezin. Here are 5 more great tips for staying warm while late fall/winter tailgating!

One of the things I love most about sports fans--especially the northerners--is that they don't let any of this bother them! We all see the Cheeseheads of Green Bay out at the game with 14-inch icicles hanging from their beards and they're totally fine. Their only worry is if their team can pull of the W. I.Love.That. I wish I had that fortitude!

For everyone else, myself included, here are 5 great tips to continue to enjoy the cold portions of both the college and NFL tailgating seasons in the cold:

1. Lots of lightweight layers

You heard me…light. Not thick. Layering clothes/lightweight jackets/fleeces/sweatshirts will make it easier to take items off. You may get a little warm or your top layer may get too wet from snow--you can always peel those puppies off and keep on keepin' on. I also highly advise bringing a blanket with your team’s colors or logo to use over your shoulders or especially on your lap. I always find that my thighs (uncovered by my layers and my boots) get the coldest. Blankets work and they're festive; no one can call you a baby about the weather because hey, you’re just supporting the team!

2. Heat packs

A completely underrated and overlooked gem. Available for purchase at hardware, department and even convenience stores. And ski shops! These things are small, disposable heat packs that you can fit inside your clothes, gloves or your shoes/boots. (Ladies...they also fit nicely in your bra and keep your chest nice and warm)! There are several options on the market but two that I have found to be long-lasting are Instant Hot Packs Disposable and Hot Hands Hand Warmers. Warning: these do in fact get HOT. But trust me, your toes will thank you for planning ahead.

3. Waterproof thin gloves

When people think bundling up they automatically go for the thickest pair of gloves, the thickest get the point (see #1). As with my lightweight layers recommendation, thin gloves can actually do the trick as well as thick gloves can. The key is waterproof. Your drink spills a bit? No worries. If your drink spills onto thick, wool have damp and cold wool on your hands. Just miserable. Thinner, waterproof gloves will help improve your ability to grab things, use your smartphone, take photos, eat ribs, etc. (Emphasis on the eating ribs).

4. Strategic footwear

Now here’s a big one. How miserable is it getting a soaker? Completely awful. On any regular day, wet socks and shoes could pretty much ruin the following 6-12 hours. On Game Day (tailgating day), do yourself a favor: leave the misery at home! Think ahead! Find a good pair of winter boots that are definitely waterproof. (Ladies, UGGS, as cute and snuggly as they may be, will not cut it).

5. Sunscreen

What? Sunscreen? It’s winter! Yes, I know that. But do you know how terribly your face can burn in overcast skies or sunny cold ones? Bad. Sunglass tans aren’t just an enemy of the summer, my friends. Sunlight bounces up off that asphalt parking jungle and slams you smack in the face! Remember to put on the SPF before you leave the house (an hour before tailgate time) or throw it in your to-go kit in case your cheeks aren't just rosy from the beer.