Hungry Fan Questions

Hungry Fan
October 6, 2016
What happens when you're making a HF recipe and you have questions? Read and find out!

You asked! I'm answering!

I love when you Hungry Fans send me pictures of your game day foods! And I super grateful that so many of you have purchased my cookbook. Thank you so, so much.

I recently got a great email from Hungry Fan Rick Mansfield of Kentucky who purchased my book and wanted to whip up my Mexicorn Cups after seeing me make them on Headline News earlier this week. He looked up the recipe in my book and sent me an email with some questions he had to before making.

I'm happy Rick reached out, and I was super excited to receive this photo, a picture of the finished product alongside his homemade turkey burgers and sweet potato crinkle fries!

Since Rick had such great questions, I thought I'd share in the hopes that they may be helpful to you when making Mexicorn Cups at home or for your next tailgate.

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Q: If I can't find Smoulder seasoning or smoky seasoning, can I use liquid smoke?
A: Yes. I like the seasoning so that the sauce doesn't get too too liquidy. That said, if all you have is liquid seasoning, use it and maybe up the corn quotient a bit to even it out.

Q: Do I need the hard or soft kind of cotija cheese?
A: The hard kind--that way you can grate it as you would Parmesan.

Q: What if I can't find cotija cheese?
A: Use Pecorino Romano! They're very similar in texture, flavor and saltiness.

Q: Do I have to use Cholula Chipotle sauce?
A: No! Feel free to use whatever brand chipotle sauce you like!

Q: I like cilantro. Can I use cilantro instead of flat leaf parsley?
A: Of course! Use what you like and feel free to improvise and make this recipe--or any of my recipes--your own! I encourage it! (Just beware when baking: measurements and ingredients REALLY matter).

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I love getting questions from you! Please feel free to reach out to and I will personally get back to you!